Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Need 3 Billion for Bus Fare. I'll Pay You Back.

PM harpo has really lost it this time. Because the economic crisis (you remember? the one harpo and fuckhead flaherty pretended didn't exist back in October?) is so bad, harpo says Canada can't afford the time it would take to have any parliamentary oversight on his stimulus spending. But don't worry says harpo; when it's all over, he'll give us a full accounting of where the money went. He promises.
The Tories are proposing the fund's cash be spent over 90 days between April 1 and June 30 and want to take shortcuts in allocating it – although they promise to report back afterward on its disbursement.

It's at that point that everybody else in the room should have erupted into rude guffaws at harpo's unmitigated gall. Just last week the harpocons were inventing bullshit reasons for not having to release the minutes of their meetings during the listeriosis crisis. (You remember that one too don't you? where twenty Canadians died after harpo cut the powers of federal food inspectors and allowed the meat industry to police itself?) This is a government passionately addicted to secrecy and idiotic lies and harpo wants people to trust him with THREE BILLION dollars??

harpo's back to his old self again in the totally psychotic asshole department. (Those long weepy hours in his darkened office waiting for his fear-beshitted trousers to come back from the dry-cleaners and trying to put the fear of the coalition out of his mind are now only a dim memory apparently.):
“Let's be clear. …These are confidence measures. We are not going to mess around with this … we have our bureaucrats working overtime to make sure we cut red tape and get this money flowing quickly. If the opposition doesn't like it, they will find themselves in an election.”
Mr. Harper took a swipe at opposition MPs, saying they've been little help in the stimulus debate.
“To be blunt about it, the opposition has nothing positive to contribute to this economy.”
One would say that harpo hasn't learned anything, but I think he has. He's learned that the new Liberal leader is even more craven and spineless than Stephane Dion was and that he'll probably get everything he asks for.

But just for the record, let's be clear. Let's be blunt about it. It was your party, harpo, and your idiot finance minister who intended to offer no stimulus package when you yourself knew that there was a major global shitstorm in the works. It was you, harpo, who decided that the "statesman" thing to do was to try to force the opposition parties to drink from poisoned cups two fucking weeks into your new minority parliament. It was that sort of immature brinksmanship that got you to ask for a prorogation from the Governor General that wasted months that could have been spent actually dealing with the crisis instead of your own petty ambitions. Yours is the useless party harpo. As it has always been. As it cannot fail to be.

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