Sunday, April 1, 2012

Capitalist Fundamentalists

It's a religion to them. They are intolerant and dogmatic. And they believe with the fervor of fanatics because it's really self-interest. They are really only in it for power. Money is power to them. Plodding dullards and sycophants will sing their praises out of genuine delusion as well as for a few crumbs from the table. Seriously, if you want to understand the mental incapacity of the vocal adherents of capitalism, just read some mid-20th Century Cold War propaganda against the "Socialist Menace" and apply all their critiques about Communist Party members to people like Marcus Gee or Ezra Levant of Charles Adler. Or John Baird.

Mark my words: We are going to see depths of depravity of Hitlerite and Stalinist proportions committed by the corporate-criminal scum in charge of the USA and Europe.

Actually, one of the consequences of corporate-led globalization is the creation of a genuinely international capitalist class. The end of the formal European empires was one phase of capitalist expansion. Like communism, capitalism is an international creed. The capitals of international capitalism are still mainly in the European countries, but to a great degree class warfare is colour-blind. stephen harper will sell out Canadians (white, First Nations, black, brown) to the Chinese, the US-Americans, the Japanese, the Brazillians, Indians, anyone.

It is a war between international capitalists on one side, and humanity and the Earth itself on the other.


Owen Gray said...

It should be obvious by now that there is a clear downside to the snake oil that Stephen Harper and other neo-conservatives have been selling.

Is anyone paying attention.

thwap said...

The majority did apparently. But electoral fraud changed the outcome.