Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Woodworth Bill

I'm going to repeat here what I said at Dawg's:

nothing gets done by a harpercon unless harper wants it done. Just like the party-financed "private member's bill" about the gun registry when he had a minority.

harper is going to test the water for public opinion ONCE and if there isn't a huge outcry, he will strike.


900ft Jesus said...

I think you're right. I also think that harper intentionally directs backbenchers to bring the issue up over and over so that Canadians get used to hearing it, as though it is already a debate that just needs a formal platform. That's what I find most frightening - the unconscious shift of public perception

thwap said...

Drip-drip-drip. Until we've been desensitized to the debasement of our democracy and our rights.

These idiots have to be stopped.

There were supposed to be gatekeepers in the media, and in society, to keep the stupid people from taking over.

But it's very important for the elites in our decaying system to let the stupid people distract us with their cries for foreign wars, their hatred of feminism, their homophobia and their racism.

double nickel said...

Thwap, you've just described just about everyone in the town I live in. Sad, really.

thwap said...

double nickel,

You should invite some homos, trannies, artists, dykes and pot-smoking hippy anarchists to your town for an annual festival and consciousness raising!

double nickel said...

Indeed we do. Each summer we have a Folk Festival in the middle of town. Good times!