Monday, April 9, 2012

harpercons lying to Parliament about the cost of new fighter jets

Well, what can you say? They lied again and again and again.

Governments aren't supposed to lie to Parliament.

But what did they hope to accomplish? Did they really imagine that the Auditor-General wouldn't find out? Did they imagine that when the bill finally came due and it was $20 billion more than they swore it would be that there would be no repercussion?

By this point, I'm so utterly revolted with the harpercons that this latest example of their perfidy isn't all that important to me. They are illegitimate usurpers and this doesn't change that in any way.

I just wonder what sort of level of insanity made them think that they could do this. What were they thinking?


Owen Gray said...

It's a measure of their arrogance, thwap, that they think they can get away with it.

thwap said...


A friend of mine says it was an election lie. But yeah, they lied because they figured there'd be no consequences for it when they were found out.