Friday, April 6, 2012

harper's Election Fraud & Vatican Child Molesting Scandals

Arguing with some stupid trolls elsewhere. One of their witless defenses of their party (the Conservative Party of Canada)'s election fraud is that most Canadians don't seem to care about the scandal the way leftist whiners and sore-losers do.

These trolls must all love Justin Bieber's music because it's so popular if that's how they exercise their critical faculties.

What led to this post was my reading this entry at "Crooks and Liars" about US Repugnicans dismissing charges that their party is engaged with a War on Women. The Repugnican talking-head said the following:
"This started as a war against the Vatican that this president pursued," the RNC chairman said, referring to the Obama administration's mandate that health care insurance provided by religious institutions cover contraception for women. "He still hasn't answered Archbishop Dolan's issues with Obama-world and Obamacare."
My first thought was how appalling it was that besides siding with the Catholic Church's stupid views on birth control, it's also that the mobbed-up child-molesters of the Catholic Church still had the level of respectability that a Repugnican shill could imagine people would automatically recoil at the thought of anyone attacking them. (Oh Sinead O'Connor! You were ahead of your time!)

Then I remembered all the Catholics dutifully trudging off to Sunday mass, to get spiritual enlightenment from a possible child-molesting mental basket-case. I think about how the media still treats "the Pontiff" as if he's something other than the head of a revolting organization of abusive monsters. I think about how the forces of the law haven't busted into Saint Peter's and hauled them all off to jail in their flowing robes. And I thought that it was just like the non-response (so far) to the election fraud scandal.

Supposedly, using the logic of these right-wing asshat trolls, molesting and beating hundreds of thousands of children over decades (centuries actually, but I'll cut 'em some slack, times change n' all) and actively working to cover it up and move abusers from one unsuspecting "flock" to the next, isn't a scandal because the masses haven't broken out in protest, the media is on automatic pilot and there are legal barriers to prosecution, compromised institutions and elite complicity.

What trolls can't understand is that we Canadians who are rightfully incensed by this disgusting frontal assault on democracy don't let other people do our thinking for us. Intruding on the electoral process by impersonating your rival parties in order to discredit them is NOT democracy. Calling elderly supporters of your rival parties who have mobility issues and telling them the polling station moved far away in order to discourage them from voting is NOT democracy. ALL of the garbage behaviour of the harpercons was scandalous, anti-democratic, and outright criminal.

And this is on top of their conviction for contempt of Parliament, their war crimes and their blatant lying to Parliament about the F-35 fighter-jets. And their manual for obstructing parliamentary committees. And their in-and-out scandal. And their violations of our Charter rights at the Toronto G-20. And their criminal attacks on the First Nations.

I give the harpercons until September actually.


trevorus said...

on the note of violating charter rights and the g20, i thought this was interesting when it came to city surveillance units keeping an eye on, lo and behold, bookstores (this one starting in vancouver 3 years prior to the olympics).

..complete with the actual surveillance files at the bottom of the link.

thwap said...

Good use of taxpayers' resources. After all, eventually someone threw a brick through a window.

Do you suppose they have a "task force" of Picton enablers conducting surveillance of sports bars and Tim Horton's (or whatever the big coffee-donught place is out there!) parking lots?