Friday, April 13, 2012

harper, The Pretender, Making Ass of hisself at Summit of the Americas

So, the guy who cheats to win power over us? The guy whose power over us stems from his control of a majority of the votes in an institution he himself has no respect for? The guy who lies shamelessly to our representatives in Parliament and to us through the news media? That guy?

Well, apparently, as our fake prime minister, harper is heading to Colombia to attend a summit of Western Hemispheric leaders, the "Summit of the Americas." Fresh from his triumph on the F-35 fighter-jet file (where he and his government were shown to be either staggeringly incompetent fuckwads or, what is more likely, brazen thieves and anti-democratic assholes) harper now presumes to strut and fret upon the world stage as if he isn't a loathsome tower of rancid cow encased in cling-wrap.

As our fake prime minister, the usurper will hold forth on the debate about drug decriminalization that is apparently stirring in Latin America, where the enormous financial and social costs of the USA's authoritarian "war on drugs" are felt the most and can be afforded the least. harper, being the USA's boot-licking toady, will argue that of course we must hold fast to a ruinously expensive and freedom destroying policy that hasn't even achieved its primary goal after four decades. Because that policy involves arming the police and the military to the teeth and using them to deprive people of their rights.

Some folks masturbate to bondage videos. harper jerks his slimy putz to genuine prison footage and worse. This is one of the main reasons he stole political power here. A wheelbarrow of erection pills can't get him to pitch a tent unless he knows that someone, somewhere is crying in a prison cell, unjustly incarcerated, because of him.

Hopefully in a couple of years, the only thing that will punctuate harper's self-pitying, hypocritical wailing in his own prison cell will be his stroke sessions when he remembers that Peter MacKay, John Baird, Tony Clement, Dean Del Mastro, and assorted scum are whimpering in their own cells somewhere.


meadowlark said...

Harper makes an ass of himself, at every meeting of Nations. Harper embarrasses Canadians, everywhere he goes.

The decent country's detest Harper. He is called a, petty gasbag, arrogant, stubborn, impossible to work with, and co-operates with no-one. They are sick to death, of Harper's little boy tantrums. The U.N. refused Canada a seat, because of Harper. Harper is always the trouble maker.

The election fraud and the robo-call records posted, all go right to Herr Harper and his henchmen. Well over half of Canadians, did not want Herr Harper as P.M....and he knew it, so he cheated. This is far from the first time, Harper has used dirty tactics and dirty politics.

ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, is deciding to charge Harper, with war crimes and crimes against humanity. Hopefully, the F.N. will do the same.

thwap said...

Well said meadowlark. Even among the creeps he's a creep.