Sunday, April 15, 2012

harper and Obama: Loons of a Feather

Jesus Christ, even the President of Colombia (awash with all sorts of US military toys) says that the "War on Drugs" has been a failure. Latin American leaders at the Summit of the Americas were united in complaining that this drug war has been, and continues to be an enormously costly drain on their societies:

The Colombian president also said that the war on drugs isn't working and that he would like to see a debate on decriminalizing them.

Violence related to the drug trade has pushed murder rates in Central America and the Caribbean to the highest in the world.

Obviously, the smug, self-satisfied pricks, Obama and harper, begged to differ:
But Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office has said he won't entertain any policy changes that would lift the prohibition of illicit drugs, while U.S. President Barack Obama repeated at the summit on Saturday that the White House believes "legalization is not the answer."
Forget harper. He's a low-functioning ass-kisser. He's always been an unpopular creep who doesn't care that you know he'd trying to insult your intelligence. Look at Obama's drivel again:
"legalization is not the answer."
So, a plan that has failed for over forty years IS the answer Barack? All the deaths caused by this war are part of the RIGHT answer? What the fuck are you even talking about Barack? You think your meaningless public relations garbage can get you out of anything?

Legalization of drugs isn't the answer to the failures and misery caused by the war on drugs because it's not about fighting crime or the scourge of addiction. The criminalization of drugs is about expanding the power of the state to oppress the population. Obama is, if anything, intent upon increasing the coercive powers of the state as capitalism implodes. harper hates humanity and jerks off to the idea of people languishing in prison cells. They don't give a shit about the sufferings their bullshit war on drugs is causing to the people of Latin America. They're complete scum-bags.

We need genuine democracy and policy based upon facts and sanity.

ETA: Greg from the Newsy Community" says I should embed their video on the subject.


meadowlark said...

Perhaps people should read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations, in Sept 25/2007.

The U.S. Canada and Mexico's border talks, are just a scam. However, the drug cartel in Mexico has to be controlled first. Then, U.S. and Canada will be overrun by Mexicans, as soon as the three country's merge.

In BC, there is the Chinese Triad gangs. Vancouver is overrun by the Chinese. Can you imagine, the drug wars in all three country's, fighting with each other?

An American site, presscore says, Harper's majority election win, was rigged. This was so they could begin to, implement the NAU.

The records of the election fraud and the robo-calls, all went right straight to Harper and his, so called Conservatives. Some of the robo-calls, came out of the U.S. Hmmm Over half of Canadians, did not want Harper as P.M....And he knew it, so he cheated. Harper actually campaigned over a Calgary radio station, right on election da...also election fraud.

That is far from the only dirty tactics, dirty politics, Harper has used. Harper was rabid, frantic and actually begging for a majority. This reminded me of Hitler and his early political days. All dictators have the same personality traits. They muzzle the press first thing. They they lie and deceive, to get control of absolutely everything. Dictators are paranoid. They don't feel safe, until their control is complete.

Think of Harper and his control freak obsession. Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler were.

thwap said...


You need to dial-back your hysteria about our being overrun by Mexicans and the Chinese.

I'm not going to pretend that there aren't Mexican drug cartels operating on the US-Mexico border, or that Chinese criminal organizations are operating in British Columbia. (I think they got their start in human smuggling.)

But the tone of your comment is borderline racist.

And I really think you should reconsider your harper-hitler comparisons. Hitler believed in stuff (as hateful and crazy as it was). harper's just an errand boy with no independent ideas of his own.