Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Few Things to Remember

With regards to Iraq, the US-supported dictatorship of Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11, 2001. It did not possess WMDs. And democracy did not bust out all over and help usher in the "Arab Spring."

It was a disaster, built on lies, and over a million people were killed and millions more traumatized.

And WE opposed it and our political rivals (right-wing turds and "liberal" morons) championed it.

With regards to the economy, it was the deregulation of the financial sector (while maintaining the principle of a publicly-subsidized bail-out should anything go wrong) and the hollowing-out of the economy that has caused the present economic crisis.

It was neo-liberalism. It was corporate free trade deals. It was union-busting. It was revenue-busting tax-cuts. It was everything that the mainstream economists, politicians from the centre to the right-wing and their corporate paymasters told us we had to do to enjoy economic prosperity. (Only by letting them make us poorer could we all become richer, or something like that.)

It has destroyed household finances. It has weakened the public sector and the social services that make for a decent society. And it has brought us stagnation and misery and crisis.

WE opposed it. We were correct to have done so. Let nobody try to forget this. We were right and they were wrong.

With regards to Canada's system of parliamentary representative government, it has been the harpercons who have said that the government can forge documents and present them to Parliament as genuine. It has been the harpercons who have said that the Crown can be used to thwart the will of the majority in Parliament and allow a government to survive even after it has lost the confidence of the House of Commons. It has been the harpercons who have said that the people's representatives must have no oversight of the government's behaviour in war-zones. If the government wants to hide evidence of possible war crimes, that is what the people's representatives have to accept. The harpercons also believe that the people's representatives must take the government's word when it comes to the costs of its policies. We, the people of Canada, through our representatives, have no right to see if war crimes are being committed in our name, with our tax-dollars, nor are we allowed to know how much the government plans on spending our money. 

It was the harpercons who said that we had to trust them on the costs of their policies and now they have been found to have been shamelessly lying the entire time. They lied to Parliament and then they lied to us on the campaign trail. But it doesn't matter because they committed electoral fraud and stole a majority government.

It is the "Conservative Party of Canada" that has brought Canada to this sorry state. And, in the end, it is obvious that the "Conservative Party of Canada" and its brain-dead supporters have kicked away all the supports for their own claims to legitimacy. Any attack on this government is a defense of our parliamentary system and cannot be criticized.

We have been consistently right, time and time again. They have been disastrously, murderously wrong. We have maintained our respect for the system (however justifiably qualified) while they have torn it to shreds.

Don't forget this whenever some braying right-wing jackass says anything stupid about us.


harebell said...

And now the same pricks who lied and broke everything are claiming to be the only ones who can fix it.
But to do that they need to be able to do more of the same, oh a a swack more public cash.
It appears that it's not entitlements or welfare when the money goes to the inept old boys club.

Owen Gray said...

The evidence is pretty clear. thwap. In the last few weeks, you've written that the Harper government is doomed.

I hope you're right.

thwap said...


Exactly. Propagandists have been distorting what went wrong since 2008 to obscure the reality that the banksters who are now asking us for more hand-outs were the ones who did this to us.

They have no right to tell us ANYTHING.

thwap said...


My harpercon MP says that they're cooperating with the Elections Canada investigation and they want to get to the bottom of this too.

Sort of how O.J. has been looking for the real killer of his wife since his acquittal.

Elections Canada told me that there's an investigation and they can't tell me anything, but I told them that their credibility and the credibility of our electoral process is on the line.

The harpercons also have to know that we all know this was a centrally directed, criminal operation. We don't need to wait for the Elections Canada findings.

And if it turns out to be a whitewash/cover-up, we know how to respond to that.

Either way, there is nothing the harpercons can do or say to justifiable criticize direct-action opposition to this gang of usurpers.

They'll be gone before the year is out.