Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flaherty Trades Health For Prisons and Fighter Jets

So, our useless idiot of a finance minister, Jim Flaherty, announced to the premiers that the harpercon monstrosity is going to be unilaterally abandoning the current federal funding regime for health care. Flaherty isn't discussing anything of substance here. He's just switching to an arbitrarily arrived at formula that translates into far less federal spending on the provinces' health care plans.

Flaherty probably believes in what he's doing. He's a hopeless dullard after all. And while I'm sure he's not alone in being so, we have to be careful. Other austerity preachers are cruel monsters and psychopaths who can attain heights of cleverness that Flaherty is incapable of even dreaming of.

What Flaherty hasn't done is make the connection between his imagined prudence in restraining health spending, and the titanic waste that harper plans to engage in with his prison building (and filling) plans and his F-35 fighter-jet purchases (among other things). Once again, Jim Flaherty helps to make his world an inferior place. His contribution to the world is a negative one. It's rare to see someone being so much worse than useless, but the extent of Jim Flaherty's stupidity is likewise rarely matched.


Owen Gray said...

Gerry Caplan had a piece in last weekend's Globe, thwap, in which he claimed that the Harperites suffer from the same disease which infected the second Bush administration: they truly believe that they can create their own reality.

The situation would be funny, if it weren't so serious.

thwap said...

A world created by plodding dullards with shrivelled souls, imposed upon the rest of us by a sick system.

Beijing York said...

Why do we have such crappy journalists. With respect to the health accord, little are focusing on the fact that the intent of the Act is to ensure equal access to quality health care across the country. Usually that meant setting agreed to bench marks and hammering out required services. The Harper Government™ has left that off the table and given the provinces free reign to deliver whatever they want.

This definitely opens the door for two tier, privatized medicine.

Which brings me to something that is not being examined at all. Even if we get these clowns out of office eventually, our NAFTA commitments will probably make it impossible to ever resurrect 100% public health care (or even the single desk marketing of wheat).

thwap said...

Sounds like Chretien/Martin on steroids.

That's what the Conservatives are: "Liberals in a hurry."

Anonymous said...

Liberals acknowledge the existence of an objective reality. It may not fit perfectly, but they'll adapt their concepts when given new information and facts.

These Conservatives (and Republicans) believe that while their opponents are busy studying reality (to come up with better solutions), they can rush forwards and create their own reality. And their opponents will be stuck with it.

It's true that they can do so, but only because modern society is so rich, and only for a time. Eventually all the slack and surpluses of resources both visible (ex energy/cheap oil) and invisible (ex trust) of society that they don't realize that they're using get used up. Society starts to collapse. Reality always gets the last word.

thwap said...


That's exactly right. And since these people are, for the most part, either shallow greed-heads or slobbering racist morons, they never see it coming.