Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Picturing Rick Perry Gettin' It On With Christie Blatchford

Because I'm a sick fuck that's why!!!

I watched shit-head Texas governor Rick Perry's "Strong" commercial the other day. Jaw-dropping stupidity. Every time that I think the "conservative" movement has hit bottom, totally discredited itself, and that the moral regeneration of US and Canadian culture is about to begin, something more sickening comes out, the Rush Limbaugh fans embrace it, and we all fall deeper into the abyss.

So, in other news, I thought I'd check out what Sister Sage had to say about Christie Belchforth's latest abomination. Now, I'd heard that Belchforth had seen some guys hugging on the street in Toronto and figured that men (at least in Toronto) were too wimpy and sissy for her tastes. Evidently, she would go on to list some more "manly" activities that guys should be doing, instead of hugging, like farting on cue. (Belchforth apparently farts a lot or has a fixation with them. [Double-ugh! Belchforth's farting fetish has now insinuated itself into my unbidden thoughts of Perry-Belcforth coitus!!])

To my utter amazement, it wasn't some grown men hugging, but some adolescent boys that set her off!

There were a couple of boys, maybe 10 years old, maybe 12, walking ahead of me. Coming towards them was another small knot of boys about the same age.

The two groups met, and immediately began hugging each another, one at a time. The trustees and ding-dongs at the Toronto District School Board would have been ecstatic; I was mortified and appalled.

Jesus Christ! Get a grip! My generation of guys doesn't hug. (I only learned the correct side to lean into when hugging a woman a few months ago! Apparently a lot of other guys my age have the same problem.) I thought maybe the 20-somethings are doing it. Whatever. If that's what "the kids" are doing these days, it's fine with me. But Belchforth couldn't handle boys doing it! I suspect she'd have had an aneurysm if it had been a group of adult men.

The rest of her column read like a list of cliches, hypocrisies and bigotry. This sort of shit really doesn't do anything for the quality of Canada as a mature democracy.

That's my post for the day. Slow news day. Lots of work to do ...

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