Friday, December 9, 2011

Hey Peter MacKay! I'm Spartacus!

I'm with The Sixth Estate (and no doubt, many other bloggers) on this one. In response to the buffoonery of Peter MacKay threatening legal action against the MPs who said he lied about the reason for his helicopter trip, I'm saying the following:

Defense Minister Peter MacKay lied when he said that he took the helicopter ride to observe a search and rescue operation. The real reason he took the helicopter was because he has a massive sense of entitlement, no sense of shame, and he wanted to act like a big-shot. He used valuable government resources for his own selfish, lazy purposes. He wanted a quick trip to the airport so that he could get to a stupid photo-op.

There Peter MacKay. Sue me.

I think you're an asshole. I still remember your idiotic behaviour when your department leaked the Colvin emails to friendly generals and journalistic hacks like Christie Belchforth and Rosie DiMoron that they wouldn't give to the parliamentary committee that was asking for them.

You're a contemptible piece of shit MacKay.

ETA: Here is the video of the offensive Peter MacKay that I was referring to. Look at that cowardly, entitled, ass-kissing, revolting failure of a human being. I must thank Alison of Creekside for having brought it to my attention.


double nickel said...

I think you're being too easy on him.

thwap said...

Well, actually, I want the fucker behind bars for the rest of his life.