Saturday, December 17, 2011

Speaking to a soldier

One of "the troops" (tm)! I was out with some friends, and 4-1/2 pints later, in the line-up for the pisser I end up talking to a young man who, as part of the conversation, informs me that he's in the Canadian Forces. (It was a naturally occurring thing I remember. I just don't remember what we were talking about before he said it. Been drinking.)

"I'm a pinko but I got nothing against soldiers." I said. "Governments that send them on stupid missions and then dick them around when they get wounded, that's another story."

He answered: "I'm as left-wing as you can get. I've been to Afghanistan and I think it's fucked. We should never have gotten involved."

We both agreed that the harpercons' (Peter MacKay especially) are contemptible scum. Then it was time to piss and re-join our respective parties.

Support the troops!


900ft Jesus said...

I'm sure he's not alone in feeling that way, but I don't imagine it is easy for many to speak out publicly. Thanks for posting this.

thwap said...

Oh no doubt. Some reporter goes up to a soldier in Afghanistan, identifies him or her and then asks if they support the mission. What are they supposed to say? It's ridiculous that so many people can pretend like the answers they get can be taken seriously.

double nickel said...

Most reporters think Roland Hedley is real, and should be looked up to.

thwap said...

The name was familiar!

I don't read Doonesbury as much as I used to.