Friday, December 2, 2011

Racist Canada

Racism founded on ignorance.

Fuck-heads who always want to blame the First Nations for everything are ignorant about how things get done on First Nations reserves under the Indian Act.

Here's an invaluable guide to the reality at Attawapiskat if you haven't already seen it.

But I've really got to hand it to the scum-bag harper. The lying sack of shit fucking knows that the community leadership there didn't have the authority to solve their own problems. He's just embracing his ignorant, racist mentor Tom Flanagan's teachings. But it's typical harper: Sees people suffering and does his best to ignore it. When that's impossible he blames the victims and tries to take advantage of them.

He's an asshole. End of story. A helmet-headed, dead-eyed psychotic dork.


900ft Jesus said...

I've run out of words to form complete sentences on this abomination. All I have left are long strings of curse words.

What a monumental fuck of a waste of skin, to use this tragic situation to further suppress First Nations' rights.

Beijing York said...

Harper has already put Flanagan (with heavy support from the Frontier Policy and Fraser institutes) into motion:

2007 - Introduction of private financial lending for on-Reserve housing

2008 - First round of streamlining the federal Environmental Assessment process

2011 - Second round of streamling the federal Environmental Assessment process

2011 - Legislative Act to demand full disclosure of Band government and staff salaries

Now they are ramping up the call to institute private property rights.

They hate FN and Inuit peoples' special status as much if not more than Quebec's position in the confederacy.

double nickel said...

Exactly. You nailed it. God I hate those neocon fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I think the problems here run very deep and simply blasting one particular political party is not very productive in the end. I lived in a Cree community back in the early 2000's with an NDP in government in this particular province and conditions were shall we say, not optimal. Third-world would really be the most accurate. A nearby community that had been a mining community, built years earlier, under an NDP government, was allowed to die, taking valuable employment opportunities along with it.

The federal Liberals were in power for a million years and I can't say they have really done anything to alleviate the issues faced by this and many other reserves. Where is the Ontario government in all this? I realize reserves are a federal responsibility but I don't feel they are completely blameless in this either.

(The reserve here in nearby Fort McKay has basically zero unemployment, and this is under a Conservative government but of course its not convenient for the NDP to mention this. Is it a perfect shangri-la? Of course not but I'm sure people there would give the Conservative government government plenty credit for the opportunities they have.)

As a conservative, am I happy with how the situation in Attawapiskat has been handled? No, its rather pathetic to be honest. But simply to blame one person when the problems are so much larger is a little myopic.

thwap said...

900-ft Jesus,

I've been there.

thwap said...

Beijing York,

Exactly. And at the end of the day, after Flanagan's bullshit theories have destroyed their constitutional separate status, then any and all resources will become the settler society's for the taking.

And then the FN can try to "assimilate" into a racist culture that doesn't want them.

thwap said...

double nickel,


thwap said...


You can search this site. I excoriate the Liberals for their hypocrisy and their racism.

I've even mentioned the BC-NDP's complicity in the smear campaigns and violence at the Gustafsen Lake standoff.

So, first of all, I don't blame the harpercons alone for all of the problems on this reserve.

You'll notice that I said "this reserve" meaning Attawapiskat. The existence of a First Nation near Fort MacKay with little or zero unemployment has hardly any relevance to the discussion. It's like saying that booming sales at Sak's 5th Avenue means there's no homelessness in NYC.

Actually, you say a lot about that reserve at For MacKay:

"(The reserve here in nearby Fort McKay has basically zero unemployment, and this is under a Conservative government but of course its not convenient for the NDP to mention this. Is it a perfect shangri-la? Of course not but I'm sure people there would give the Conservative government government plenty credit for the opportunities they have.)"

Are you saying that the harpercons have anything to do with the amount of jobs on that reserve?

If so, is it at all relevant to the ongoing tragedy at Attawapiskat?

Because, if you read closely, you'll see that what I'm condemning harper for is for his cynical manipulation of Canadians' racism and ignorance, to take advantage of that so that he can ram through his agenda of stripping the First Nations of the limited autonomy that they do have to better ram through his own counter-productive agenda.

If you can find anywhere in my post where I blame harper for anything and everything that is wrong with the condition of the First Nations, then go ahead and point it out to me.

Anonymous said...

A few points to comment if I may...

1. Actually Fort McKay has plenty of relevance. I've bumped into plenty of people who equate reserves with poverty and hopelessness. Fort McKay is an example of one that has succeeded where many others have failed.

2. Alberta, under the provincial Conservatives, has one of the freest economies in North America. Having a Conservative government federally surely hasn't hurt in this regard. In the recent federal election, the Liberal and NDP candidate were completely destroyed vote-wise here. I was actually a little embarrassed for them.

3. Clearly the system for Attawapiskat is broken and isn't working. I've experienced this first-hand more times than I care to remember. All I recall is plenty of people wringing their hands about how such and such a PM or government is a bunch of idiots in order to score political points or promote their own agenda. I saw little in that time about what they were willing to do to actually help out.

I fail to see how calling the PM names and voicing a dislike for him, which you obvious have, ultimately leads to solve the bigger issues here.

thwap said...

1. Fort McKay is a different place. How is it relevant to Attawapiskat?
How does Fort McKay's condition hold any lessons for Attawapiskat?

What does stephen harper have to do with the amount of jobs at Fort McKay?

Basically you're saying that not every First Nation reserve is as bad as Attawapiskat.



2. Alberta has a lot of oil and a small population.

End of story.

There are a lot of places in Canada where it is the harpercon candidate who is completely destroyed vote-wise.

So what?

3. Yes. The system for Attawapiskat is broken. And most PM's have been complete idiots and/or wedded to the goal of starving the FN out and taking their land and their resources and doing away with the need to bribe them (or at least their leadership).

That's why nothing changed. Because the people in charge don't want it to change.

And why the hell you continue to cling to the belief that I'm just unfairly unloading my bile against stephen harper on this issue is now an inexplicable mystery.

Did you read this link:


If not, do so.

harper, is asking (like an idiot) where the $90 million went.

He knows where the $90 million went.

He's pretending that he doesn't so that he can create the lie of lazy, incompetent, corrupt FN, who need the White Father to rescue them from themselves. He wants to use the impotency and corruption of FN leadership as an excuse to destroy their constitutional separate status as an unconquered people.

He's using a tragedy to advance his own agenda.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough. But calling the PM names helps the most vulnerable of Attawapiskat's citizens exactly how?

Anonymous said...

This is only one of the many tragedies faced by the First Nations people of Canada. Having a contemptible lot like our Federal Reform/Conservatives at the helm only makes matters worse. I disagree that harper's government doesn't own this current mess, way up, and it shows what the country is in for with the failed neo conservative crap game that this embarrassing bunch is playing. Oh, and I place the BC "liberals" in the same boat. Would the left do any better at this point, not entirely sure as it's a complete mess too, but the conservatives disgust me. They are reprehensible.

BC Waterboy

thwap said...


"Fair enough. But calling the PM names helps the most vulnerable of Attawapiskat's citizens exactly how?"

How does it hurt them? What else should I do? Write to him and tell him what he already knows? Tell him to do what he has no intention of doing?

This is a blog about politics and I say stuff about politics and when I'm talking about scum-bags like stephen harper, I use insults and derision and scorn.

thwap said...

BC Waterboy,

It's hard for me to decide whether I hate smarmy, hypocritical Liberals or crude, racist, criminal Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

2. Alberta has a lot of oil and a small population.

Japan has a huge population and no oil or any other natural resources to speak of. It is an impoverished, third-world hellhole.

End of story.

thwap said...


I'm going to wait for you to explain that little turd on your own. I don't want to dignify it with a response.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how as a white man born in Canada, I am expected to work and pay taxes while others are not.

I understand poverty. I have been there. I have lived on the street while my kids were taken away. I have been told that my issues are my own to deal with, and that I don't qualify for funding or help because I am a single, employable, male.

The government is often forced to reveal and account for its spending, and God knows I have, but if the Attawapiskat Council does not, then they should be removed. if not by their own people, then by any right-standing and right thinking people.

I suspect that much of the furor and fury is a knee jerk reaction to the fact that it is the Conservatives in government.

I am ashamed for those people who demand they be given special treatment because of their race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Now that the white man is vilified for mistakes and crimes of the past, I suppose i should just accept it is time for other women, other races, and other sexual orientations to commit some crimes for awhile.

I'm sure that sort of balance will make everything better.

I am also ashamed that I have to post this as Anonymous, for fear that the house i share while trying to get my kids back might get burned down by reactionaries, and welfare-funded terrorists. the same welfare i am not allowed to qualify for because of my white skin, penis, and attraction to women.

thwap said...


I will take you at your word that you have been homeless, and that you have been rail-roaded by the Family Courts.

In the interests of fostering a dialogue I will ask you to read the "invaluable guide" link that I provided in my original post.

The indisputable FACT of the matter is that there is a paper-trail for where the money alloted to Attawapiskat went. To a great degree, NOTHING gets done there, nothing CAN get done, without federal ministry approval.

What harper is doing is a cynical power-grab.

If you go to that link, look around, quite recently the blogger did another post about the issue of First Nations peoples and their tax-exempt status.

Finally, I very much doubt that any scary pinko "welfare terrorists" are going to burn your house down.

You should re-think who your enemies are and who your allies are.