Monday, December 19, 2011

Seriously, ...

I'm sick of dealing with the GARBAGE thinking!!!

The non-existent "gravy train" at Toronto City Hall.

The non-existent "WMDs" of Saddam Hussein.

The TRILLIONS of dollars spent to bail out criminal banksters while the idiots gibber about how global warming is a socialist plot. ( )

The closet-cases and religious nut-bars and racists trying to set social policies when they should be locked-up and medicated somewhere ... [kidding, just enlightened]

I'm sick of these morons controlling our public discussions. A system is sick when it oozes out stuff like Margaret Wente, Ezra Levant, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin to have a major say in what it will do in the near future.

Sick, sick, sick. That is all.

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