Tuesday, December 6, 2011

thwap's News Round-up

So, in Afghanistan, where we debased our values as a country (complicity in torture and spitting on democracy to cover it up), sacrificed over one-hundred of our soldiers' lives while wounding, maiming and traumatizing hundreds more, and spent billions of dollars, we have yet another mainstream journalist struggling to write something not condemnatory:
Canada will end its combat mission in Afghanistan in July and take up a training-only mission some time after that. Its effort in Afghanistan has not been futile — not at all — but there is much in the country that remains unchanged, and that is a worrying legacy.
All righty then! Anytime the Toronto Sun, or some other shit-rag of a newspaper blares a headline about a Liberal or NDP government wasting $45,000 somewhere, we shouldn't even have to try to prove that it was money well spent. We'll just say "It's not completely futile spending. And nobody got killed." That works for them when it comes to spending on war. Why should there be a different criteria for anything else?

Closer to home, the people at Attawapiskat are fighting back against stephen harper's arrogant, insulting and hypocritical attempt to use the bitter fruits of Liberal and harpercon neglect to attack their sovereignty:

They've kicked harper's third-party manager from their community. APTN has provided the nauseating responses of the harpercon scum, but APTN is staffed with bigger people than me because I can't stomach re-reading their drivel. harper is driving the First Nations peoples into a major confrontation and it would behoove all of us non-scum, non-harpercon Canadians to prepare ourselves to support them.


Beijing York said...

I applaud Chief Spence and will definitely support her and her community, as well as any other indigenous community fighting to maintain their sovereignty.

As for the tragedy of Afghanistan, it seems a couple more bombs went off today. Hell of a job on the democracy building front.

What still remains to be answered is why Canada has purchased so much land there?

thwap said...

I know that there's a lot of controversy over the nature of the leadership of elected band councils versus FN people who call themselves "traditionalists."

But I think harper's overreaching is being resisted by all the FN to defend the basis of their reality as an unconquered, sovereign people.

Anonymous said...

"all the FN".....by which presumably you mean FN leadership and not every individual

thwap said...


By "all" I mean any FN individuals who want to preserve their separate status as people who were here before the Europeans came and who were never conquered.