Sunday, December 4, 2011

So What's Going to Happen to Peter MacKay?

So, last post, I was talking about how Tony Clement and his harpercon colleagues were making a mockery out of the "War on Terror" by using funds for border security to spruce up Perry Sound - Muskoka for the G20 conference (with Tony doling out the contracts like the Santa Claus at a company Christmas Party). The thing is, it's people like Tony Clement who want us to take their War on Terror seriously, so that we can trust our lives to people like Tony Clement who will "keep us safe." Then they go and spend the money on gazebos.

So, now it's Peter MacKay, Minister of War Movie Fantasies, who, in the middle of his campaign to tell the military to tighten its belt for the good of the country, has been found to have lied to Parliament about why he needed a military helicopter to take him from a fishing trip. He's abusing DND resources while belonging to a government that harasses veterans' rights activists trying to resist the harpercons' nickel and diming of wounded veterans. (The harpercon shit-heads are alarmed and apparently mystified that health care costs EXPLODED after Canadian troops had been committed to a war zone for over a decade.) MacKay is using military helicopters for personal use despite the fact that one of his own MPs was lecturing East-Coast fishing crews and oil-rig workers that they should think about rescuing themselves from the Atlantic Ocean instead of expecting their nanny-state government to come flying to help them.

Such titanic hypocrisy.

Where are the consequences?


Anonymous said...

Harper and his Conservatives, don't have to obey Harper's tough on crime.

Harper has no control of his and his Conservatives spending, of our tax dollars. Their expenses are outrageous. MacKay spending $3 million on travel expenses, is obscene. Thieving $50 million for gazebos, and the most stupid of all, a billion dollar fake lake.

If I was in the military to-day, I would get out as fast as I could. If you are seriously injured and can't get a job, you will have no pension, just a small payout to live on for the rest of your life.
The WW11 veterans are furious. All our young military are veterans too. What a damned gall Harper has. He sends our kids to fight his stupid wars, and too damned bad, if they are maimed for life.

Telling fishing crews and off shore rig crews, to rescue themselves, is the most stupid statement I have ever heard, in my life. What kind of brain dead idiot Conservatives do we have, running loose in this country?

Anonymous said...

As a former reservist and knowing quite a few guys that joined the reg forces I find this all very frustrating. Recall would be a nice tool to have in situations like this. In a perfect world we would have a Min. of Defense who actually was in the military rather than some career politician or academic. Yes I realize the folly of using "McKay" and "academic" in the same sentence, but really, I am so sick of the treatment our boys get from elected officials who truly don't have a damned clue about what military life is like and the hardships they face.

Saskboy said...

It's almost like Ministers should be qualified for their jobs with actual on the job training. Maybe some education would help other ministers of roles that demand science as a background, eh Minister Kent? I wonder if he can define Carbon Dioxide in any useful or accurate way.