Saturday, December 3, 2011

So, What's Going to Happen to Tony Clement?

"Two-Tier Tony." Because he wants rich people to have their own private health insurance so that they can see doctors in Canada as fast as possible while people with lower incomes either get bankrupted or die.

Because he's a "Conservative" (not "conservative"), which is to say, he's an asshole.

So now, he's infamous for having lied to Parliament about his involvement in slush-fund spending in his riding. Remember the Great War on Terror? You know? The deadly serious battle of our time? The Islamo-Fundamentalist hordes are at our gates and our political leaders have no greater mission than to "keep us safe." NOTHING can stand in their way of protecting us from this inscrutable Asian menace. Not even our civil or legal rights!

Of course, if an asshole, scum-bag "Conservative" politician who rolls his eyes back into his head masturbating himself to images of poor children dying of easily treatable illnesses decides that he wants to spend money allocated for BORDER SECURITY on sprucing up the downtown in his own riding, far from any border, and dole-out the money in the time-honoured pork-barrelling tradition, and LIE to the people's representatives about it, ... that's his or her right. I mean, what's the safety and integrity of our borders in the Great War on Terror when there's some personal political gain to be had?

So, Clement clearly lied. He's clearly corrupt. So what are we going to do about it?

What CAN we do about it?


Perhaps there is something WRONG with a system where we find ourselves confronted with vermin like this and there is NOTHING that we can do about it?


Anonymous said...

Clement is an example of why I get nervous when an Ontario MPP heads out onto the national scene. I can't stand McSquinty but at least he had brains enough to stay in Ontario and not pollute the rest of the country with his stupidity.

My solution for getting rid of problem politicians and parties is to have them run provincially in Alberta. In all of Alberta's political history, no political party has ever made it back into power once the electorate has given them the boot.

Carmichael said...

Sure there is.

Get united behind a single political entity and bring them down next election.

Will that happen?


Just don't say there's nothing we *can* do about.

That's different from there's nothing we *will* do about it.

thwap said...


Your "solution" is a non-starter for a zillion practical reasons.


Uniting the opposition is something that I've advocated from time to time.

But even if that were done, what you're saying is that we have to wait four years after the exposure of blatant lying and corruption and then hope that the voters remember and punish said lying and corruption.

Isn't it galling that we can't do more than that? That when someone is found with their hands clearly deep in the cookie-jar that there are immediate and real consequences?

What does it say about accountability in this country that there he can get away with this for now and then hope that further bribes or vote-splitting among the opposition will allow him to coast through yet again?

Anonymous said...

I kid of course.....but it sure works here for us.

thwap said...


Anonymous said...

Not fair. That's OUR word to describe Liberals out here....or unfortunately, any party that runs against the PC's at either the federal of provincial level.