Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dregs of Humanity: Paul Calandra Edition

Take a look at this piece of shit:
This shameless buffoon has been very busy under stephen harper. That's because an utter scum-bag like stephen harper finds vile, revolting specimens like this to be highly useful.

The idiot's name, of course, is Paul Calandra. Paul will go on and on about how hard-working his father was. Seems to me that Calandra Senior should have spent less time at work and more time instilling values into his son. Calandra also goes on at length about (I believe) his two daughters. I hope and pray that someone besides this dirt-bag is teaching those kids about being a decent human being. Because Paul Calandra is just not up to the job.

Paul's latest act of moral failure is his behaviour in Question Period last Tuesday. Thomas Mulcair asked the government for specific dates about the beginning and the end of the Canadian Forces' participation in the conflict in Iraq. Calandra chose to stand up three times and condemn the NDP for something somebody associated with the party said about Israel's attack on Gaza.

The pimple-brained, harpercon lapdog, Speaker Scheer found this brazen contempt for the very basics of parliamentary procedure fine and dandy and arrogantly passed over Mulcair's right to ask two more questions, and skipped over to Justin Trudeau. Trudeau, true to form, is always more happy to piss on the NDP than to stand-up for the rights of Parliament, and he nattered away with his own questions.

Now, first of all, Paul Calandra is a "Conservative." And it's no longer news that the Conservative Party of Canada are anti-Canadian criminals with complete and utter contempt for our parliamentary system of government. They are a selfish mafia-type organization, full of half-wits and deluded religious freaks and self-hating closet-cases.

But on top of this vile hatred of Canada and Canada's quasi-democracy, Calandra and the Conservative Party also want to avoid any sort of accountability for their commitment of the lives of other people (those in the Canadian Forces) who they are exposing to great harm in Iraq. Calandra believes the lives of our soldiers are playthings for stephen harper to share with his big buddy, Barack Obama, to try to be his friend. harper wants to play with his toy soldiers, and he doesn't want to have to face up to the fact that they're real human beings, representing us and being paid for by us.

Given the Conservative Party's documented sadistic hatred of "the troops," this shameful, disgraceful behaviour is going to be even more revolting after harper commits ground troops into direct combat with ISIS and then tosses the maimed bodies and minds of our soldiers onto the scrap-heap upon their return to Canada.

Finally, Paul Calandra stands up in Question Period and brays like the jackass he is about how much he supports Israel's deliberate slaughtering of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. I'm sure that Calandra has some idiotic, incoherent justification for his cheering-on of mass-murder. But the same can be said for capitalist pigs who let their containment ponds for mining waste rupture poisoning the water supply for thousand of people, or who let their tanker-cars and train engines to deteriorate and crash and kill dozens of people. Who knows what child molesters do to rationalize their behaviour?

Paul Calandra is on a moral par with those sorts of people. He's an absolute disgusting disgrace.


greg said...

thanks for pointing out counterpunch. It's great. (like the cereal)

And you were way out of line with Calandra. He loves Israel and if he wasn't an MP, he'd be over there right now.
Let's get him a plane ticket!

thwap said...

counterpunch can sometimes be WAY-off.

(As opposed to CNN or FOX or the CBC or CTV, ... [I KNOW!])

But 85% of the time I've found them excellent.

I paid for their newsletter when I was rich. Now I ain't.

I think you're wrong about Calandra. He wouldn't serve in the IDF. He'd be worried about injuring himself while torturing a six-year old Palestinian. And he's a shameless coward. He'd say anything to get out of that situation. Save his finger from a splinter or a blister or something.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was waiting for you to weigh in on this and you summed it up in just the right way. Take a look at this piece of shit. Yes, Paul Calandra, you most certainly are a gutless, spineless piece of fucking shit. Cant wait to read about you dying from a malignant brain tumour one day.

Owen Gray said...

What a fitting replacement for Dean del Maestro.

greg said...

total change of topic.

Would I be absolutely shunned if I told an ISIS joke? Just wondering.

It's almost like I have in itch to scratch or something.

It's probably like touching the stove or something.

I once put my tongue on a freezing sign post. It stuck of course and then it was getting dark and I was late for dinner. I hoped that my body heat would warm up the metal but it never did. So, in the end, I had to sort of rip and pull it off.

Anyway, humour is a complicated thing. Or it isn't. There are certain things you couldn't laugh about unless you were a total psychopath.

But shit, we have got to start laughing at guys like Calandra.

Why don't we take all the holy places in Israel and put then in a Museum outside of Oshawa and anyone can visit when ever they want. That's such a stupid thing to write cause it makes no sense.

It would create jobs though and Harper couldn't say no to that.

Wow. I'm actually completely sober. I get paid for this, right?

thwap said...


Yeah, Calandra is a total dirt-bag.


They've got the same sort of small-time scam-artist/failure vibe about them, don't they?


I'll move you up to my pay-scale.