Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've "found" a new aide for Paul Calandra

If he wants one that is. I don't know what his staffing situation is. (I suspect, that given Calandra's propensity to lie and cheat, his staff turnover must be horrendous though.)

Anyway, it seems as if this guy David Aryan charged a number of foreigners $25,000 for the privilege of coming to work a low-income job in Canada, but the jobs didn't exist (and neither did the employer). Aryan even made these people pay their way over here for this privilege.

Aryan can't pretend innocence in this matter, because the employer had ceased to exist months before the harper government approved the work permits. Not that he doesn't try to impersonate integrity (after a fashion):
CBC News tried to find Aryan, but his Toronto office is empty and his cellphone doesn’t accept messages. He responded to an email, saying everything that went wrong in this case was Tehrani’s [one his foreign clients] fault.
“Tehrani has been one of the most problematic clients that I have served, in the past two decades,” said Aryan.

“Tehrani decided to not follow the instructions he was provided … he further took the liberty of taking matters into his own hands and approached his employer directly. He proceeded to aggressively demand his employer to allow him to begin working immediately.”
One wonders what "instructions" were issued for when to approach an employer who didn't exist months before the work permit was issued? One also wonders how Aryan assisted Tehrani when it turned out the employer didn't exist? (Tehrani tracked down someone associated with this firm, but was given denials and empty promises.)

Unashamed to plead innocence, Aryan is also unashamed to play the victim:
Aryan claimed it was Tehrani who was “cheating the system.”
“I believe that he is playing victim here while throwing me under the bus, simply because I was doing my job according to the books.”
When asked how he justifies his $25,000 fee, he said the money isn’t for job placement, but for various other services, including an “employment search.”
“I do not find it of any relevance to the matter. My prices are what they are and no one forced Mr. Tehrani to sign the contract that he did,” said Aryan.
[Former CEO of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council Phil] Mooney said consultants are only supposed to charge for immigration advice and paperwork, not for a job. He added that Aryan charges at least 10 times what a consultant should.

So, even though it appears that Aryan is still advertising the empty Toronto office space as his place of business, I can't make myself believe that he'll still be in his line of work for much longer. He's going to need a new employer. And that's why it was fortuitous that this scandal broke so soon after Paul Calandra made headlines for his boorish behaviour in Question Period recently.

Because (as is well known), Calandra is the sort of scum-bag who would screw over his dying mother to make a buck! He's perfect for another low-life, small-time, shameless, amoral piece-of-shit like David Aryan! 

Seriously! What is it with "conservatives"??? Criminal junkies like Rob Ford and Rush Limbaugh who pretend to be "zero-tolerance" for drugs and gangs, until it turns out they're drug addicts who consort with gangsters? (Or who take Viagra pills with them to the Dominican Republic!) Homophobes who cover for a fellow Republican Congressman's predilection for teenage boys? Draft-dodgers who start wars, use the military as a weapon to beat their political enemies with, and who then betray and abandon wounded soldiers as a matter of policy?

Who is so ignorant and debased as to vote for this scum? Who put an "X" beside Paul Calandra's name on their ballot? What do they think of him now? What do they think of themselves?


Anonymous said...

Calandra has always reminded me of, Harper's yappy little Goebbels. Andrew Scheer has always been, Harper's little dweeb. The GG should be firing Harper as a traitor, doing acts of treason against Canada and the citizens.

As of Oct 1st? Canada will be occupied by Communist China, for a minimum of 31 years.

Harper and his cabal, always get away with their crimes.

greg said...

Why was Paul crying? Was he about to confess to something else? Maybe he's on some new medication. Actually, I'm a little confused as to why he even apologized.

Then Ezra's people said they were sorry.

I should apologize too. 30 years ago.................

thwap said...

Calandra was crying to garner sympathy for himself.

He's acting.

And, like many actors, he has to draw on something within to produce the effect.

In his case it's his total self-loathing out of his occasional awareness that he's the sort of waste of skin who fleeced his dying mother for personal gain.

Ezra didn't apologize. His government financed, separatist/hyper-patriotic/firewall/many canada's network issued a non-apology-apology.

Ezra appears to have gone to ground, much as this Aryan person has. Like all gutless cowards.