Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moron the Vile Paul Calandra

You see, we have a Parliament. Through a crappy, "first-past-the-post" electoral system, we elect people to represent us. Those representatives ("Members of Parliament" or "MP's") tend to come from those organized ideological entities called "political parties." These parties have the financial resources, the affinities with the hegemonic culture and etc., to be able to wage these campaigns and appeal to broad groups of similarly afflicted Canadians.

But, you know, as opposed to tiny groups of super-brained anarchists who already know how everything should work but couldn't explain it to you if their lives depended on it, ... these MPs and this system are (for better or for worse) what we have to have any sort of say over the big issues in our lives.

Should we be educated by the public sector using tax revenues for the purpose? Should people who want to practice surgery have certain credentials? Should their be a reasonable faith that our food not poison us?

On and on it goes.

Should I have the right to call stephen harper a shit-head without worrying about a knock on my door at night? (Some people in some countries don't have that freedom.)

It's not a perfect democracy. FAR from it. But I believe that incremental change is the surest path to progress. We should cherish what we have while working to make it better. By "better" I mean more representative and more democratic.

Which is why I've been so consistently angry about the harpercons and their continuous demonstrations of contempt for our democracy, and with the opposition parties and the progressives who show themselves incapable of resisting them.

Calandra's recent display of contempt for the Leader of the Opposition's request to find out just how long members of the Canadian Forces would be in harm's way, as Calandra's boss, stephen harper, loans them out to curry favour with Obama, is really the worst sort of disrespect for our system of government.

And, let's remember, the reason that an idiot like Calandra has any influence over our lives is due to a little something that I like to call "our system of government."

That's right; the source of Calandra's and harper's authority is something that they have no respect for themselves. And I have asked and asked, since harper stole re-election upon his contempt of parliament conviction, just why is it we should listen to a single goddamned thing his so-called "government" has to say?

It turns out that Calandra (in an off-hand way) has confessed to only repeating the talking points handed out to him by the young fanatics (fanatical about being brazenly stupid corruption monsters I guess) in harper's debased and corrupt PMO.

harpercon thug, Dimitri Soudas says that those twisted gnolls in the PMO shouldn't be given short shrift, as they've helped the Conservative Party go from victory to victory and then steal a majority government.

The longer we tolerate these monsters, the more damage they will do. The more blood will be on our hands and the more shame we will have to endure. The more our democracy will be debased. The more lost we will become.

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