Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Uses of ISIS (with an update)

For some reason, the Turkish government doesn't like the Syrian government. So it lets Sunni fundamentalist terrorists cross into Syria through the Turkish-Syrian border.

Saudi princes, and the emirs and princes or whatevers, of places like Qatar, are corrupt and, as far as the Koran goes, decadent, sinful. There are probably a lot of young men who would like to topple them. But it's hard to get started in these well-armed police states. Here's a great idea! The corrupt rulers fund these armies to overthrow the secular Assad regime (just like they did when the helped fund the battle against the Soviets in Afghanistan or the battle against the secular Qaddafi in Libya), and these angry young men go and fight, and perhaps die in Syria. (Along with radicalized young men from the West; some of who were enraged by the slaughter of their co-religionists at the hands of Britain and America.)

Those young men from the Arab principalities might hope that they can get their weapons and their fighting skills in this conflict, and then, if they win there, they'll turn their weapons against those corrupt rulers back home.

But that'll probably never happen, because of the USA. The USA is never going to tolerate an independent, radicalized, fundamentalist "Caliphate" in the Middle East. Therefore, it will never happen. And that's find with these sheiks and emirs and princes. They tolerate the Jewish state of Israel and its daily abuse of the Palestinians after all. Life is pretty sweet for these rulers and they don't really want to rock the boat.

So why are they funding these armies in the first place? Because, they got the green light from the USA. As in Afghanistan, as in Libya, as in Syria. Al Qaeda and its variants help to terrify stupid people in the USA. They justify the bull-shit con-job called "The Great War on Terror." Lately, ISIS is helping to destabilize the recalcitrant Assad regime. They were allowed to conquer Sunni Iraq and force the Shiite, pro-Iranian Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to step-down.

And now, well, not too long ago, the USA was thwarted from its desire to bring its air-force in to help the fundamentalist rebels against Assad. Now, Obama is claiming the right to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria and is warning the Assad regime not to attack US planes in Syrian airspace. It's now so fucking obvious what the amoral, psychotic scuzz-ball Obama is doing. It's now so obvious what the uses of ISIS are.

The War on Terror is the biggest scam in the history of the world.


And, of course, Vladimer Putin, has been sidelined by the US-American fostered fascist uprising in the Ukraine. Remember how the US fabricated a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria and blamed it on the Assad government? Supposedly this was a line that Assad was told not to cross by Obama, or there would be consequences.

Realize that if Putin didn't care one way or the other, he wouldn't have said anything. But Putin (and China) back Assad, and so Putin took something that the senile Secretary of State Kerry said, constructed an arrangement whereby Assad would get rid of his chemical weapons under international supervision. This, combined with the reality that the US, British, and indeed, the world's population would not support yet another US-led invasion of a Middle Eastern country, forced Obama to concede to reality and cancel his scheduled air-strikes. 

Putin had to be punished for this. The Ukraine crisis is a manifestation of the global rule of the United States. It was not created only to distract Putin from Syria. Having Russia put off-balance by chaos in the Ukraine helps to solidify NATO and humble a still-powerful rival. It all works out. (Or that's at least what the arrogant, blundering psychopaths in charge of the USA's foreign policy want to beleive.)

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