Monday, September 15, 2014

The Senses-Shattering Conclusion

Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Okay. So I've figured that they don't thwart the main bad-guy in the recent clash in California. But they do uncover some of the weaknesses of his crazy mind-control/spying/totalitarian plan. Or something.

I haven't got the details of this all figured out at all, as you can see.

But it seems to me that it ties up a lot of knots to have the goal for the final battle to be to stop the bad-guy from doing on a global scale what he just achieved (at great cost) on the state-wide scale. That way, everyone understands the issue already going in.

Also, her hacker friend gets caught and dies from lack of medical care, and he's supposed to be helping her figure out how to stop the last big evil, so it makes sense to have it based on the thing behind their last confrontation.

This being a Hollywood excitement action extravaganza, good and evil are almost always personified by two characters who actually fight with each other. But the young woman will now be a warrior in her late-twenties and the baddy is supposed to be a politician in his mid-fifties by now. I've decided to have him the recipient of all the innovations in body-suits, cybernetics and what-not, that his soldiers get. Perhaps as he rises to POTUS he could do so on a wave of virile fascist front-line thwarting of the evil terroristic threat. Regardless, of that, it will make the final fight

It's also occurred to me that the heroine is supposed to live as a fighting fugitive, which wouldn't give her enough time to develop a love affair with the white boy who gets to realize that he is not the chosen one. He is going to be a minor political figure in California. His response to the failure of the street demonstrations is to go into formal politics himself to change the laws that made it so easy to crush dissent. (The propagandist will refer to this guy's impoverished consistency as "losers" and he will to white-boy politician as a fascist wannabe, because he wants to make it easier for his dregs of society voters to riot and threaten civilization.)

I want to use the love-interest guy to also get across the fact that a privileged person can actually have ideals and want to help.

To do all this, he'll have to go with the heroine after the fight in California. Perhaps he'll be part of the plan to initiate the final battle. Whatever the case, he's going to be killed; dying heroically or not, I haven't decided.

The propagandist is going to be captured and totally humiliated by the heroine. (BTW: She doesn't work alone. She leads a small army.)

There will be a financial sector crisis, brought upon the world as a result of financiers' corruption and greed. The resultant world-wide crisis is what will spur the bad-guy to make his totalitarian system cover the entire globe. He'll propose this at an international conference to deal with the financial crisis. This conference will take place at a super-remote location because there is rioting in every city on earth. The capitalists will be talking to their politician  hirelings about how they will have to put the screws to the shlubs of the world. Thinking that nobody will ever hear their words they are blatant about how little they care for the sufferings that will result from getting the increasingly impoverished humanity to bail them out of the crisis.

Thanks to the heroine and the hackers, all this will be broadcast to the people of the world.

The juiced-up, cyborg POTUS bad-guy will start to make noises about how the capitalists need him more than he needs them. State control of the weapons of war and surveillance has given him power to bring the capitalists to heel, a-la Hitler or Putin.

That's when the good guys strike, and there's the big confrontation and yadda, yadda, yadda, and many people die but the heroine lives and kills her arch-enemy.

Disaffected cops and soldiers throughout the USA side with the people. Ka-Boom! An Arab leader who is in the pay of the CIA and who was supposed to launch an attack that was to justify rallying around the flag betrays his handlers and uses his weapons to arm the people who force a peaceful coup. He publicly renounces the cynical plot he was a part of.

Anonymous hackers, inside and outside of the government, cripple the surveillance apparatus.

Everything comes crashing down and it is wondrous to behold.

So, that's the real bare-bones of it. "greg" in the comments was thinking it was ten hours long before this part, but I've written a script before (it's never been shown to anyone, but its formatted). The rule is one minute of screen time should take up one page. I've gotten a lot of shit covered for a one and a half hour movie in a script that's ninety pages long. If this is all handled economically, it could be done in two and a half to three hours.


greg said...

The comic world is big on this stuff.

There are some serious comics out there so you wouldn't have to turn it into some parody. No women with big breasts or guys with heavily chiselled faces. Anyway, no silly stuff.

Then it turns into a movie or a Netflix thing (not a cartoon)

I'm sure you get people saying "you should do this" and such, so you can add this to the pile.

It's sunny and cool. I think it's cool. Relative term depending on location.

thwap said...


I draw as well. You might be on to something there.

Still n' all, I think this could be done in 3 hours at the most.

greg said...

Okay off topic again:

We are already bombing ISIS and yet everyone is acting like we haven't done anything yet. So what do these right wingers want done? If we haven't done anything yet, does that mean: "Let's take care of this problem once and for all." "Let's not pretend there are innocent people over there. WE have a serious problem and we can't keep doing these so called surgical strikes. I think we are being too careful over there and of course Obama is........

(Sorry. My take on a right wing pundit.) Needs work.

thwap said...


To tell you the truth, I haven't thought about it and I don't really care.

Repugs and Demorats, ... they're both insane. Whatever they argue about between themselves is just two sides of the same crazy coin.