Thursday, September 4, 2014

harpercons; No Idea How Stupid They Are

So, it's now obvious to people of normal intelligence, how embarrassingly empty was the blustering on the Ukraine Crisis by Misters harper and baird. Evidently they'll "stand-up" against Putin's (imaginary) aggression in the Ukraine, but please don't think that this means actually contributing militarily!
For domestic consumption, Harper's government claims to be leading the Western response. Foreign Minister John Baird has insisted that "no other government has stood up more forcefully and aggressively against the Russian aggression in Ukraine."
Really? Those are big words. But this week's NATO summit in Wales will expose a gap between words and deeds.
Faced with a pressing need to offer more than ringing denunciations of Russian aggression, NATO's 28 members are being challenged to increase their defence budgets.
Harper intends to do no such thing. As long as that's true, Harper will be speaking loudly, but carrying a small stick.
It's a pity that Israel didn't need military assistance when it was massacring the Palestinians. Then harper could have shown all those Canadian Jewish voters he's pandering to the truly shallow level of his devotion to their cause.

But you'd think that someone smart enough to steal an election would have the brains not to squeak so loudly about "standing-up" to tyranny in a situation like this. The Russian military are not unarmed Palestinians. To "stand-up" means more than just getting up off your ass. It means more than that. harper, baird, look it up.

The thing is, harper and baird, aren't that smart. This incident is proof of that. People of normal intelligence know more than to shoot off their mouths about how tough they are when a fight is in the air. People of normal intelligence know that to do so is to draw attention to themselves and make it more likely that they'll be asked to join the fight. People of normal intelligence and a normal degree of shame would realize that to slink away after all their blustering would be humiliating. Obviously, harper and baird do not possess a normal level of intelligence, hence their (and our) current humiliation.


greg said...

Okay, wait a're against Harper? I don't think I can continue with this blog.

I am dreading the next session of parliament and the next omnibus bill and all the other bills. At this point, proroguing the session would be nice and I never thought I'd say that. If Trudeau can 't be bothered to show up, why should I care. Not that I care if he shows up. Forget about it.

Read the post on that Cusack horror movie. I never realized that the room mailed him the post card. That was a good movie.

Seriously, let's at least reform question period so that............The guy with the robe who referees it. That guy. If he did it better.

Anonymous said...

Harper only does things that benefit him. The first thing Harper did was to, try and drive a wedge between Russia and Europe. Harper fully intends on, selling his Bitumen and NG to Europe. However, for Harper to meet his obligations to NATO? Forget it. Harper relies on the U.S. to protect Canada.

Same with Harper encouraging Israel to make war on Palestine. Harper lost nothing, Israel lost a lot of other countries friendship. Israel has expropriated land from Palestine, to build a new settlement for themselves.

Harper point blank refused to have Palestinian children brought to Canada, to be treated for their horrible war wounds. Harper has nothing to say about, Jews molesting of children.

Harper and Baird are a complete embarrassment, to Canada and citizens.

thwap said...


The coming session of Parliament will be a savage cluster-fuck.

Re: the Cusak movie, ... nobody else would have sent him that postcard. The manager really didn't want him there. There was no minor character that was a likely suspect. It could only have been the room itself.

Spooky, hunh?

thwap said...

harper is just a worthless toadie to more powerful monsters.

he's like a minor demon in their hell.

(And a stupid one.)