Sunday, September 28, 2014

Paul Calandra Should Have an 18-Year Old Former Escort for a Wife


karen said...

Why would you wish this moron on a young woman with a whole life of potential?

thwap said...


Because Bruce Carson and his wife must feel a little isolated and they'd like some company?

Seriously though, while I understand your concern, my suggestion was frivolous and I wasn't expecting that a genuine female human being with hopes and dreams of her own would be saddle to this contemptible slime-ball.

I thought Paul Calandra was as sleazy as Bruce Carson.

And, anyway, I don't think the Carson's are still an item. I think young Mrs. Carson has moved on from her sleaze-ball of a husband.

greg said...

Thank you for moving me up to your pay scale. I need a button of some kind. Maybe a pass so I can get into Denny's again.

Just kidding. (They'd never let me in there.)

I'm about to prove I'm not a robot. If all it takes is punching in a few numbers, you'd think my toaster would have done me in a while ago.

karen said...

I was also being frivolous, Thwap. I have noticed that your headspace tends to be egalitarian and at the feminist end of the scale. I was ribbing you.

karen said...

BTW, you might enjoy the current iteration of Calandra's Wikipedia page.

greg said...

Probably something I should have known a while ago. I had no idea that the United States had basically set up these torture death squads in Iraq. Or had basically turned a blind eye to it at least. It was certainly condoned. (Anyway, I'm sure you knew about this years ago.)

Can I go back to living in ignorance again? I hear Heroin's is good.

I think there is a new phone out. It comes in different colours.

thwap said...


what you wrote about your toaster was funny.


I was fairly confident you were kidding, but I think it was important to re-emphasize the depths of Calandra's depravity.

greg said...

Saw an old Richard Pryor monologue from Saturday Night Live 1975. There's no word for how good it was. STart at Genius

Actually, all the skits amazing and refreshing.

Compare to Jimmy Fallon today. He spent two months promoting Ford Trucks. Then he got one and insisted that he paid for it with his own money. Apparently he needed one to go get his pumpkin in the fall.

Has anyone ever eaten their pumpkin afterwards. (I think it might taste like chicken.)

I think chicken tastes like drywall. Keep loading on those growth hormones. Get their little hearts to explode out of their little chests. (Jesus, you don't know when to quit.) Stop poking me. NO, you stop.