Thursday, September 18, 2014

It Can't Be the Case That Everyone Else is Burned Out?

Maybe there's all sorts of Toronto lefties with blogs or twitter accounts that I don't know about, who are themselves heartily sick of the uselessness of most left-wing "activism" and who have decided to absent themselves?

Is that why harper is able to put boots on the ground in Iraq, and engage in ludicrous sabre-rattling with nuclear armed Russia, and here in Toronto, there's no response of any significance?

But that can't be it. Because the usual suspects haven't seemed to stir themselves. Me, I campaigned for a local socialist's shot at a council seat in the upcoming election. (I live in Ward 25. The denizens of the garish "Bridle Path" are my ward-mates. I can't find any information about my councilor's rivals.) I've also attended a few meetings of the free public transit people.

The English-Canadian left really is disorganized and dispirited. It might be because we have no fucking clue what we want. The NDP fills us with ennui. We don't appreciate parliamentary democracy. We sense that occasional fits of mass milling about in the streets is meaningless. We reject violence altogether. We have no weapons in our arsenal. We have no tactics. We have no aims. Once in a while we plead with our masters to heed us. (Occasionally we provoke mirth and merriment by labeling our pleadings as "demands.")

If I'm wrong, correct me. Please.

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