Saturday, September 20, 2014

"If you don't know where you're going, you might not ever get there."

Truer words were never spoken.

How is this utopia that you dream about supposed to function? Who is in charge?

Nobody is in charge?

Okay. How does that work?

Do people earn incomes? (Does everybody have to work?) If they earn incomes, where do they put their savings? How does society invest in the future? How are rail networks maintained? Who does that?

Where does nuclear waste get stored? Who decommissioned nuclear power plants? How will the rich countries help the poor countries respond to global warming? How do we make sure everyone has enough to eat?

What happened to the plutocrats?

This post's title was originally going to be a play on the movie quote from "Star Wars" - "I felt a great disturbance in the force." I was going to write "I feel a great 'enh' in the force" or "a great shrugging of shoulders in the force." Actually, I didn't know what the actual words would be. I was trying to convey a shrugging of shoulders. A sort of confusion and indifference.

When I picture politics and the left, all I see is this grey cloud, and through the haze, I can occasionally see figures engaged in some pointless activities. Wandering around with signs and banners. Petitioning. Meeting. Writing stuff. None of it seeming to have much effect on anything.

Leftists though, seem to share in the delusions represented by this other Yogi Berra quote (which I found at that link):

“We're lost, but we're making good time.”

That's leftist delusion in a nutshell. The idea that we're eventually going to arrive at a victory, or the promised land, whatever, (And sooner than you think!) Only we don't know exactly (at all) where it is, or how to get there. You can't make good time if you're lost!


You can't make good time if you're lost!

Say it out-loud to yourself: You can't make good time if you're lost!

Start thinking seriously about the world you want to see. Start thinking seriously about how to get there.

Note: I won't post this at "EnMasse" because probably the only one who would answer would be the idiot "Slumberjack" who is a fanatical devotee to the time-wasting insanity that I'm talking about here. Gawd! It makes me nauseous just imagining it.


greg said...

I realize you consider walking around with signs and such not that productive. But....

I think if we coalesced around one issue. Like global warming. Most Liberals can agree on this one without too much arguing. Kids, grannies. Start demonstrating every weekend. Massive letter writing. No form letters. It wouldn't just be one day. You were talking about getting a lot of people together. Anyway. It's a low hanging fruit kind of thing. It won't topple any governments, but at least it might.......Anyway. It's something easy and ready to go. (I can't think of another issue that would get the numbers out)

thwap said...


Something tells me it'll take more than marches and letters:

We need analysis, or we'll end up like this:

analysis and then genuine action.