Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where's Rob Ford? (The Marg Delahunty Question Revisited)

So there's a section in this week's NOW where they say this about Rob Ford:

His office still refuses to make his itinerary public, unable or unwilling to account for his long absences from City Hall while claiming the mayor is out doing what he’s always done: helping constituents.

Ford says his obligation is to the public, not the media. Lately, he’s taken to suggesting that his disappearances are in preparation for another run in 2014. But how long can he continue his risky political behaviour?

As I read that, it means that nobody can call up Toronto City Hall and ask where the mayor is that day. That's what it seems to say. Otherwise, if the media wanted to find him, they could just call themselves since it isn't a secret. It doesn't appear that the issue is that the media wants his itinerary sent to them without their having to request it.

If that's the case, then we can understand why Mary Walsh and crew showed up at Ford's door-step to poke some gentle fun at him. They simply had no other way of doing their skit. That the CBC crew showed up at Ford's home was apparently beyond the pale for a lot of people. Ford's secrecy makes it all more explicable.

And it adds a further lie to Ford's list of lies from that day (paraphrases):

1. "It was dark out." (It was bright morning sunshine.)
2. "My daughter was crying." (His daughter wasn't there.)
3. "I didn't swear at the 9-11 operators." (Ford and his toady Chief Blair swear to this, but they're both shameless, serial liars, so to hell with them.)

We can now add:

4. "Why didn't they come to where I work? They know where to find me."

Which he said in a mewling, whining tone to assembled reporters who were probably specifically informed of Ford's whereabouts so that he could spew his self-serving, self-pitying bullshit.

It's true what they say about bullies. They're generally cowards with a lot of personal problems.


AMS said...

He's a politician. He's probably having an affair -- which explains the family problems and 911 calls too.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think Ford admitted to swearing at his employees but denied calling them bitches:

TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is apologizing for using the "f-word" during a 911 phone call but denies a report that he called dispatchers "bitches."

thwap said...

AMS - an affair? With a bottle maybe, but nothing else.

Anonymous, - I meant the swearing at them and calling the "fucking bitches" part. Very low boiling point.

I found an old 2010 article about Ford. In the Star. The writer said that Ford was one of the few politicians who got honestly incensed about things. That, together with his constituency work, shows that in his own stupid way, Ford probably has at least some of his heart in the right place.

The problem is that he's a complete fucking moron who has dumb-assed, ignorant solutions to problems, and that a lot of his beliefs are investigated crapola, bigotry and evil.

Plus, he knows he's a liar and a coward.

thwap said...

urgh ... make that "UN-investigated crapola."

Anonymous said...

He has passion, too much in some cases. No wonder people vote for him and not leftwing goof balls.

thwap said...

latest Anonymous,

I'll bet you think that stupid statement was awesome don't you?

Owen Gray said...

Your last sentence hits the nail on the head, thwap. Ford is a bully who still thinks he's in the school year. Some folks never grow up.

thwap said...

The poor sunovabitch is incapable of functioning above the level of a highschool freshman.

He should have been given a job with the family business, not sent out to make an ass of himself in public and screw-up the largest city in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Gad, typing that made me flinch.