Wednesday, March 28, 2012

$5,000 AND Five Years in Prison

The maximum penalties for violating these sections of the Elections Act are severe: a fine of up to $5,000 and imprisonment for up to five years, or both. Moreover, a person convicted of such an offence may also be ordered to compensate anyone who has suffered damages as a consequence of the offence and to take any other reasonable measure to ensure compliance with the act.
Let's put it this way: If the Conservative Party of Canada was the central organizing body of the illegal voter suppression scheme then the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada was the actual group of conspirators.

As well as returning the money from Elections Canada for having obtained such and such a percentage of the vote in each riding that is under dispute, the Conservative Party of Canada should be fined $5,000 for EACH and EVERY person they called. EACH and EVERY specific attempt at voter suppression.

Then, give a five-year sentence to every leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (from its actual leader, stephen harper, to its president, and etc., etc., on down the line) for EACH instance of a violation of our electoral laws.

We must demand nothing less than the total destruction of this threat to the Canadian way of life. At least to set an example for others. This is not "modern politics." The stinking puss of Karl Rove-style political and electoral fraud is not an unavoidable way of doing politics. It is a blight. It is a crime. It has no place in a functioning democracy. It is a sickness that must be eliminated.


meadowlark said...

It was Harper who appointed Marc Mayrand, to Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada.

Do not expect Mayrand to oppose Harper. If he does, he will lose his job. It is not beneath Harper's dignity to use threat to control. All dictators have done so, including Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Dictators are paranoid, they don't feel safe, until they control absolutely everything.

Harper is no Conservative. He is a Neo-Nazi Reformer, of his Northern Foundation Party, of 1989. The skinheads assisted to organize, that more than evil party.

The Blog Borg Collective web site, has posted documents and records. The roads of the robo-calls and election fraud, lead directly to Harper and his Conservatives.

Dirty tactics and dirty politics, is what Canada is all about...since, Herr Harper's so called majority. Another Common Wealth country has written, how badly Harper is destroying Democracy in Canada. Harper has taken away our, Civil Rights and Liberties.

I had six members of my family, in WW11. Our young Canadians boys were shot and blown to bits, so we wouldn't have fascism and dictatorship in our Canada. Quite frankly, Harper is not worth their dying for. Harper is a, despicable, evil cancer attacking our country.

thwap said...


Let's take the opportunity to destroy him.