Monday, March 12, 2012


Imagine if you lost a fair chunk of change at a neighbourhood poker game. To the asshole neighbour who nobody really likes. The guy who blatantly lies to your face about pretty much everything. Then it starts to turn out that there's a marked card.

"It's not a marked card! It's an old deck and shit happens!" The asshole claims.

(Last card game, he swiped poker chips from players sitting beside him. Then he claims he legitimately thought they were his and they'd just been accidentally pushed away from him. He swore up and down that that's what happened but he eventually gave the chips back saying he'd "agree to disagree" as to who they belonged to and how he got hold of them.)

Then, more and more cards turn out to be marked. "My kids must've been fucking with them!"

Anyway, you get the picture.

What do you think? Should we let the guy keep his "winnings"?


Owen Gray said...

Any poker players who knew their stuff, thwap, would throw him out of the game. But that assumes they have the courage to do so.

thwap said...


At the present time, throwing harper out of the game would require extra-legal actions.

harper would hide behind the concept of the rule of law and the legitimacy of his government via control of the House of Commons through the electoral process.

This is a courtesy he does not feel obliged to extend to anyone else, whether its disenfranchised Canadian citizens or tortured Afghan peasants.

Beijing York said...

Still, a very good analogy that MANY Canadians might actually understand.

Perhaps someone in the MSM could underscore this example.

thwap said...

Ah! But Beijing York, that wouldn't be very "objective" would it?

Although people like John Ibbitson isn't being entirely objective when he insists from the get-go that harper is innocent and that none of this matters anyway.

So why not?