Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Spam Filter

A long weekend with family and friends. Not much time, energy or inclination to post. So, something that I've been meaning to announce:

Dear "Full Name" (aka: "Anonymous") ... [you're the dude who imagines you'll somehow drive me to suicide, among other things], "Way, Way Up" and "Wayne" (aka: "L. Wayne Mathison") ... I just want you to know that I've discovered the beauty of the spam filter here on blogger and yahoo.

Just want you to know that from here on in, EVERYTHING you attempt to communicate to me automatically goes into the spam file which is automatically emptied every month or so.

I want each troll to grasp how inconsequential it is to me. And forget about me even checking my spam folders to check out your reactions to this. If you had been somehow able to ever grab a clue you'd know that I DON'T CARE how you respond to this confirmation of your suspicions of your utter worthlessness.

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