Friday, March 30, 2012

Budget? Electoral Fraud!

Big surprise. The imbecilic Flaherty has cooked up another demonstration of his blinkered incompetence. I mean no disrespect to Dawg. I'm actually glad to have read his account of Flaherty's latest stupid budget.

But for me, the big deal is still the fact that Flaherty's party has an illegitimate majority. We aren't bound to respect it because harper didn't respect the majority in Parliament when it was opposed to him, thus releasing us from any obligation to respect his majority.

That bit of fairness is still on, and always has been.

Yet another reason (as if the first one wasn't enough) is that harper's majority of seats was won through fraud. He's a con-man. He's a criminal. He's a fraud. He's a lying piece of shit. If it weren't for his fraud, Jack Layton would have been Prime Minister at the head of a coalition betwixt the NDP and the Liberals.

So, not only is the fact of harper's majority irrelevant in the first place, it isn't even genuine.

For me, the big story yesterday was the testimony of Chief Electoral Officer Marc Maynard of Elections Canada. The CBC's wonderful Kady O'Malley reports:
Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand more than lived up to his billing as star witness at committee, and provided a somewhat unexpected, but entirely welcome update on the file to a packed-to-the-rafters-and-then-some committee room. According to Mayrand, as of today, the agency has accepted more than 800 specific complaints -- covering approximately 200 ridings, a number considerably higher than pretty much anyone had been expecting -- and 250 open files currently before the elections commissioner.
O'Malley goes on to say that the sweeping nature of this voter suppression effort shocked the harpercon stooges present, including the buffoonish Dean Del Mastro:

Oh, and now, Dean Del Mastro will play us off with a petulant tirade against "damaging" leaks from Elections Canada -- as per unnamed reporters who have apparently complained about such to Del Mastro. Mayrand points out that Del Mastro's charge appears to be a vague allegation itself, prompting laughter from everyone but Del Mastro. Don't mess with Marc Mayrand. He may look like just another bureaucrat, but he has bite.
Here's the thing for me: People laughed because Del Mastro is a fucking clown. But this is deadly serious. Everyone in that room KNOWS that the harpercons are guilty of these "dirty tricks." But this isn't the USA. where a debased electoral process means that "tricks" are just officially "tricks." This is Canada and these "tricks"are also "crimes." And they're crimes because, while we're damned close, we aren't as debased politically by capitalism as the USA is. In the end, Del Mastro is spinning and babbling to avoid getting caught out in a "trick." But he's also a "crook." He is going to go to prison or there will be hell to pay.

And let me tell you something: 2012 is going to be a summer of discontent against this criminal, anti-democratic scum.


meadowlark said...

This is a stall by Elections Canada, to keep Harper in office. Harper should have been taken out of commission, until the election fraud was cleared up. Marc Mayrand was appointed by Harper for, Chief Electoral Officer of, Elections Canada. Don't expect Mayrand to oppose Harper. If he wants to keep his job, he had better keep his mouth shut. It wouldn't be the first time, Harper used threats to control. Harper is the master of dirty tactics, just ask Gordon Campbell.

This is the same in BC. Harper and Campbell forced the HST onto the people. BC citizens won, to have the HST expunged. However, they didn't say what century, the HST would be reversed. It took Campbell and Harper, merely days to thieve the HST from the citizens. Now they say, it will take until the end of time to reverse that illegal tax.

Owen Gray said...

Historians will write that the Prime Minister's spokesman -- Del Maestro -- was a clownish character.

And, eventually, they will make the comparison between Stephen Harper and Richard Nixon.

Beijing York said...

We have to keep up the pressure on investigating this nation wide electoral fraud. As Kingsley said last month, it doesn't matter how much of an impact voter suppression had on the final outcome in each riding, the most important thing is that each voter who was prevented or discouraged from voting was denied their constitutional right to vote. Each instance of that is a crime.

thwap said...


I'm not sure that Maynard is a harper stooge. I don't know what the best way is [officially] to go about this, or what the legal possibilities are.

I'm trying to find out.


Nixon wasn't as bad as harper is. Nixon was operating in an environment where both Kennedy and Johnson owed a great deal to election fraud. harper is taking a much more healthy and robust electoral process and violating it all on his own.


Not only every discouraged or prevented vote is a crime. I'm sure you know but I'll say it for emphasis; Every attempt to discourage or prevent a vote was a crime.

And the penalty MUST be $5,000 and 5 years FOR EACH ONE!

And, whatever his participation in the actual conspiracy beforehand, Del Mastro is clearly involved in a cover-up after the fact, and should be incarcerated accordingly.