Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shorter Anti-Democratic harpercon Trolls: "It's YOUR fault if you don't know how to complain about our electoral fraud!"

That's something else I've heard, and I'm sure that I will hear again. These shameless, lying pieces of shit.


Beijing York said...

For real?

These trolls are really deranged. No sense of decency among the whole sorry lot.

thwap said...

Oh yeah. Read the asshole trolls at Saskboy's blog for a sampling.

meadowlark said...

Harper is every bit as hateful as Hitler was. Harper is a Neo-Nazi of his Northern Foundation Party, of 1989. They said, the skinheads helped organize that crap party.

All dictators have the same personalities. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini all had the same identical character flaws. All of them are paranoid. They don't feel safe, unless they control absolutely everything. Harper can't deny the fact, he is a control freak.

The very first thing a dictator does is to control the media. All dictators have their own propaganda machines. There is no way, their dastardly deeds can be known by the public. This is why, Herr Harper is building his stalags, he knows Canadians are going to rise up against him.

There are now, documents and records that prove, all the roads of the election fraud and the robo-calls, go right straight to Harper and his Conservatives. It was the 902 number that gave them away.

Harper should have been, forced to step out of office, til this crime was cleared up. We all know, he would have never got back as P.M. We know Harper is guilty of election fraud and was behind the robo-calls. The election is not valid, and Harper has no right to be P.M.