Monday, March 5, 2012


You know, in some respects, "Wayne" or "L. Wayne Mathison," would be the gift that keeps on giving. Like most right-wing shit-heads there's a lot of unintended comedy in his comments. The beauty of consistency though is that I never have to waste time thinking: "Is this comment from the banned right-wing troll a real gem that I should post? Or is it just another unremarkable, tiresome brain-fart and if I post it, I'll only encourage him to type more?" So, it's consistency and the delete button for old "Wayne."
As I said in the comments here, I posted this comment from "L. Wayne Mathison" because I didn't know that it was my old friend "Wayne" until I saw his smiling mug beside the name after I published it. I'd come up with a response to "Wayne"'s effort and decided to make that one exception, given the circumstances.

Still stinging from my response to his latest effort, "L. Wayne Mathison" sent two more posts that went straight to the delete bin. Both of them were self-pitying, self-righteous drivel about how, by not allowing them to pollute my blog, I'm somehow denying his freedom of speech, and that my banning of him is evidence of how much I fear his mind. (Or something like that.)

Anyway, here is the comment:
I feel sympathy for you. All you have post after post after post is name calling and projection of your progressive psychopathology on other people that don't think the same way you do. The thing that is funny, is all you have is name calling... which means you lose... over and over and over again. Sad.
Let the good times roll!

"I feel sympathy for you." That's nice.

"All you have post after post after post is name calling" Well that's just not true! It's not true at all. Sure there's a lot of name calling. But anyone except a stretching right-wing hack can see that's a lie.

"and projection of your progressive psychopathology on other people that don't think the same way you do." What the hell does that even mean?? "Progressive psychopathology?" That would mean my belief in such things as that human activity caused global warming, that taxes should be raised and the money spent on expanding the welfare state? That terrorist suspects have legal rights and its dangerous to empower the state to incarcerate people indefinitely without oversights? Is that my "progressive psychpathology"? And I "project" it onto people like Ezra Levant and stephen harper?????? Whaaa??????

"The thing that is funny, .." Okay ...

"is all you have is name calling..."

Which isn't true!

"which means you lose... over and over and over again."

Except for the fact that I don't just name-call. So I don't lose! HOOORAY!!!!!


I thought it was "The thing that is funny"?????


Now, everybody see what I did there. I called "Wayne" a "shit-head." But is that ALL that I did? NO! (HOORAY!!!) I pointed out that "Wayne" was uttering a false-hood when he said that all I do is name-call. (I suppose I could PROVE that that's not all I do, but if "Wayne" has missed all the analysis that is the source of my vitriol against my enemies up to this point, I think copying and pasting an example of it and splaying it before his uncomprehending gaze would be a self-evident waste of time. So fuck it.)

Then I showed how "Wayne's" attempt at profundity, re: "projecting my progressive psychopathology" is an incoherent mess.

Then I showed that "Wayne's" second attempt to be profound (as well as condescending) ended up with his tripping over his own shoelaces and falling face-first into a pile of dog-shit. "You know, it's funny that you [don't do what I accuse you of doing]. It's really sad." "You know, it's funny. It's sad." "Funny." "Sad."

To sum it up: "Wayne" you will always be a shit-head.

Now go! And do not darken my door again! Shit-head!

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