Saturday, March 24, 2012

Capitalist Media and the NDP

Dr Dawg comments on the horrible coverage of the NDP leadership convention by the CBC:
Watching the supremely self-satisfied, snickering commentators on CBC tonight should cement the impressions of the media held by those of us who are actually interested in politics in Canada. The CBC continues to curry favour with Stephen Harper, and it arranged a commentator panel tonight to administer a deliberate hatchet job.
The thing is, we are a country dominated by Toronto financial sector and the Calgary oil sector. Our national broadcaster, the CBC is dominated by the political economic leadership of this society. So it stands to reason that a party, still nominally dedicated to social democracy, is intolerable to them.

That's why all these pieces of shit endorsed harper in the last election, even when he was clearly guilty of contempt of Parliament.

That's why they're all so quick to dismiss the sickening abomination of harpercon electoral fraud.

That's why they report far more about what the leader of the third place Liberal Party does than they did the interim Official Opposition Leader Nycole Turmel did.

That's why there's been zero outrage that Jack Layton was robbed of the premiership while dying of cancer.

This is what we're up against people. The capitalist class only respects pseudo-democracy and only when it aligns with their own interests.

There are decent journalists among them, but the system is dominated by class interests and we mustn't forget that.


Omar said...

Bruce Anderson "didn't see a Prime Minister among the candidates". It does get much more arrogant then that when commenting a political leadership campaign. People need to disregard what these idiots have to say and think for themselves.

Owen Gray said...

These folks have been in the driver's seat for a long time. It will not be easy to dislodge them.

thwap said...

Who is Bruce Anderson? I never heard of him before you mentioned him.

Because I don't get my news from shills.

I looked him up. He's a Liberal Party hack with no other discernible skills so he went into professional hackery after the Liberal gravy-train ride ended for him.

stephen harper is Prime Minister material?

Paul Martin jr.?

un-fuck 'em all.

Omar said...

Seriously? You didn't know who Bruce Anderson was? I mean, I'm as cynical as the next guy about the news media these days, but I do take a peek at the national public broadcaster from time to time. Although it is getting harder and harder to do.

thwap said...


In all honesty, it will take a revolution.

Not some violent coup either. But more than the useless posturing demonstrations of the left-wing up to now.

Canadians have to realize that capitalism has reached its limits. Capitalism doesn't like democracy or human rights.

Capitalism likes profit. Everything else is secondary.

Public health care (wherein the poor have as much right to care as the rich) is anathema to them.

Respecting the environment is a burden.

Paying decent wages and foregoing profits is ridiculous to them.

Only socialist democracy can give the majority what it needs.

thwap said...


Seriously. I simply can't be bothered to watch television news.

If it's on somewhere I'll take a look. Said "look" generally confirms me in my decision to reject it as superficial propaganda.

Jim Parrett said...

The coverage is much better today, partly because Manbridge holds much better court than Solomon. The latter seems to invite the lamest of guests. Tim Powers smug Bill Kristol grin was just plain creepy. The only downside today has been the talking point fiasco from James Moore. I broke out laughing then muted the broadcast.

thwap said...

I'll read about it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

so Thwap, I am new to the blogosphere and your blog along with kirby cairo's is one of my favourites

I did however come across a blog this morning, some lady was blaming YOU and other NDPers for giving Harper the election!

I keep hearing this over and over again from the hardcore libs "if the NDP hadn't been so obsessed with power liberals would have won easily but the NDP stole it waaaah'

the sore lower libs keep saying that Canada is so afraid of the NDP that they will NEVER get elected so that by even participating in politics the NDP is 'stealing' votes that should go towards the liberal party!

btw, I am neither NDP nor Liberal, I am simply 'get rid of Harper' - and all of this infighting is so asinine! some of these people put their egos before *anything* else. They make me sick

thwap said...


Some bloggers who I tend to respect blame Layton for forcing the election that first brought harper to power.

Layton had asked Martin for a definitive statement about halting the creeping privatization of Canadian health care. Martin gave him the finger.

The fact is that there are still important differences between the Liberals and the NDP. Our first-past-the-post electoral system has always made holding to these values Quixotic at times, but those differences remain.

I have called for some sort of accomodation in the light of the extreme danger that harper poses, but never for the abandonment of principles for seats.

Otherwise, the system has won.

opit said...

The system has always won. That's what it is for.
The first 40 years of Confederation there was a constant dogfight over tariffs. Nelson A. Rockefeller had Free Trade on his CIA 'to do' list in 1945. So Kim Campbell heads the P.C.platform pro Free Trade and continue the G.S.T. Chretien is agin it and has a Red Book of election promises, a Chairman Mao style deal.
The P.C. party is destroyed, electing 2 nationally and being decertified.
The Liberals abandon their platform without fulfilling one promise.
Bait and Switch, Good Cop - Bad Cop, BiPartisan Tyranny, Stockholm Syndrome.....terms of enslavement.
With no recourse and no accountability all there is left is sham and scam.

thwap said...


I don't know why I didn't respond to this. I have to approve every comment but I don't remember posting this.

It certainly does seem like it's a cynical fraud, doesn't it?

What's changed though, is that by endorsing harper after the G20, after his clear contempt of Parliament, the "liberal" media has shown its utter moral bankruptcy. We shouldn't be surprised that they now countenance electoral fraud. Or that Obama, the constitutional scholar, now practices extra-judicial executions.

Orwell's Bastard said...

One is tempted to enjoy a little schadenfreude at the CBC's expense, given their futile track record of sucking up, but I'm afraid that's just biting at ankles.

thwap said...

Nothing will get the CBC out of "Appeasement" mode. (He says, hoping to be wrong.)