Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Stuff Like the Quebec Students' Protests Please!

You GOTTA love it! (Either that or you're a 1% scum-bag or a stupid chump!)
Tens of thousands of students filled the streets of Montreal Thursday in a mass protest against a planned hike in tuition fees that they say will undermine Quebec's long-standing commitment to keeping university education accessible to people of all incomes.
The increasingly radical student protest is one reason why I hope we always have Quebec. In the same way that the stink of US-American politics infects us, so too does the more vibrant social-democracy and autonomous political thinking of Quebec serve as an antidote to right-wing miasma.

Yes, Quebec tuitions are far lower than any other province's. I wonder why that is? Because Quebec voters aren't stupid chumps who put up with all sorts of bullshit from the political tools of their corporate overlords. They stand up for what's theirs.

I have had my fill of stupid right-wing chumps and ignorant air-heads. My side is with the people who fight back. Not the carpers who fight the weak to compensate for the beatings they endure from the powerful.


meadowlark said...

Good for Quebec.

Quebec also told Harper to go to hell, on his asinine crime bill.

BC is the worst, most corrupt province in Canada. We have to fight, the supposed Campbell/Clark BC Liberals...As well as Harper and his Reformers.

Herr Harper a supposed Conservative, has henchman ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, working for him. Between Harper and Campbell, they financially thieved and sold, BC to China.

Now we have henchman Boessenkool, another supposed Conservative, working for the supposed BC Liberals.

Van Dongen a supposed Liberal, crossed the floor, over to the BC Conservatives. It took Van Dongen 12 years to see what the BC Liberals really are?? I'm not buying it.

We now hear, Harper is no Conservative. He is a Neo-Nazi Reformer, of his Northern Foundation Party, of 1989. They say, the skinheads assist to organize that evil party.

Knowing all of that, all the crap Harper is pulling now makes sense.

Harper is every bit as hateful, as Hitler was.

thwap said...

harper hasn't reached Hitlerian depths in my estimation. He's still a scum-bag.