Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I've Been Blogging About Trolls

Because I'm busy. The big story, ... the HUGE story is the harpercon assault on the integrity of our electoral process. And that story requires serious attention which I don't have the time for, but which Dr. Dawg, Montreal Simon, Alison at Creekside and Sixth Estate (among others) are doing.

But I must admit to having gotten a kick out of the right-wing trolls running out of the wood work to either justify or belittle electoral behaviour that would have them reaching for their guns were it done to them. So that's what I've been blogging about. The damage-control and spin of these moronic hypocrites.

What they don't understand is that in doing this harper has torn the last shreds of his legitimacy away. He is now exposed as the entirely foul and corrupt creature that he is. It might be this month, it might be in a year or so, but harper is finished.

(I will even arm-wrestle carmichael to insist on that judgment!)


Youngfox said...

I think the dumbed-down Canadian electorate has little or no idea what this is all about and zero will to attempt to grok it.

Critical thinking is dead among the majority of Canadian consumers (formerly known as "citizens").

Next election when the Conform party rolls out their greasy, well funded attack ads they will determine where the woefully ignorant masses plunk their votes.

It will take a far more base and stupid scandal for most Canadians to begin to comprehend or even care. Only sex and money make the cattle look up from the troughs.

Can you tell I have entirely lost faith in the Canadian public?

car said...

You want to talk about trolls? You should read the comments on the Globe article

The usual us against them partisan meanness. I don't ever recall such an attitude before harper. The personnas of the posters seem to be contrived to be snarky and beligerent, just like their MP counterparts. The whole article is pointless flatter of Alberta's oily culture.

thwap said...


I honestly believe that it has always been minorities that lead political change.

A lot of people are too busy with their own lives. Like it genuinely takes up all their time.

A lot of people choose to keep their heads down.

A lot of people are ignorant.

A lot of people are apathetic.

But if you are ignorant and/or apathetic, you have removed yourself from the conversation.

Minorities can lead those who kept their heads down until somebody came up with a winning plan.

thwap said...


I think it's a combination of a deliberate effort to dumb things down and appeal to base fears. Going on since Ronald Reagan's election.

But it's also a symptom of increasing anger and desperation at a declining economy.

Saskboy said...

Thanks for your work on this, it's an important consideration.

thwap said...

If you say so. I thought I was being amazingly off-topic and felt the need to explain myself.