Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey harper! If It's Just a Smear You Got Nothing to Fear!

Dear stephen harper,

You must admit that it's a serious thing that so many ridings have reported confusing or misleading phone calls from people claiming to represent one or the other of Canada's leading political parties right?

This smells like widespread voter suppression efforts.

You can, at the very least, admit that this is important, right?

You're capable of at least that, right?

Then let's have an independent judicial inquiry and get to the bottom of it!

If it's all, as you're now saying, a smear campaign by the Opposition parties, then you have nothing to fear. In fact, you've everything to gain by having a judicial inquiry prove that there's nothing so low that the Liberals or the NDP won't sink to it, ... right?

Let's have the independent judicial inquiry. Because the electoral process must be sacrosanct. The process of democratically choosing our representatives, who will then go on to govern us, is really as sacred a thing as anything political can be.

Prove that it was just stupid Liberal volunteers calling their own supporters up at 9:30 at night and pestering them or telling them to go to the wrong polling station. Just because young Michael Sona admitted to doing it in Guelph (before he realized you were making a patsy out of him) and employees of companies working for your party complained about making misleading phone calls, is no reason for you to be concerned. It's all a Liberal-NDP smear job. Make them wear it harper! Humiliate them! Call their bluff and call that independent judicial inquiry!!

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liberal supporter said...

For today's edition of "think like a Conservative":

From this we see "Iran's supreme leader urged Iranians to vote in large numbers as the country held parliamentary elections Friday".

Clearly, those who are against voter suppression are standing with the mullahs in their theocracy. Why are the opposition parties supporting the Taliban and Sharia law by wanting free elections just like their hero, the Ayatollah is claiming he is holding?

Clearly a well organized international smear campaign is being perpetrated by the NDP and Liberals. We stand resolutely against those who would interfere in our making things the way things should be.

We now return you from Conservalogic land to the real world.