Monday, March 5, 2012

I Love the Smell of harpercon Fear in the Morning!

Hah! You know, the funniest thing about this whole subversion of the democratic electoral process is that harper might have had his majority, albeit a smaller one, without all the desperate, sleazy, anti-democratic vote-suppression and fraud.

But now, even though witless harpercon trolls like Sandy Crux are bleating: "B-b-but our fraud didn't really have an impact!" the fact of the matter is that harper has placed the final stake in the heart of his political legitimacy. And it's calling his entire election into question.

And the pathetic harpercon scum are scared. You can tell! They're all feeling like Patrick Ross, slouched in his chair, empty beer bottles and "Doritos" bags scattered about him, drunkenly and sullenly contemplating his upcoming court appearance.

The harpercons are scared!

"Let us keep our stolen election!" they whine. "You're sore losers just because we cheated!'

So many banned harpercon hacks have been trying to post here over the last week, their comments beginning with false bravado, but descending into incoherent rage as each day passes with no sign of the scrutiny over their stupid party's criminal behaviour letting up.

Even if our system fails AGAIN, we will not. Stealing an election to win control over a Parliament you've already defecated upon means you're a fraud. You're a sick, twisted joke. Your legitimacy to order us around has evaporated. It's over harper. It's over harpercons. Whether you acknowledge it or not. It's over.


bcwaterboy said...

What concerns me though Thwap is that harper, will find a way around this, look for more scapegoats to go under the bus. Heck, it's not beneath him to through a few of the tried and true MP's under the bus just to save his own skin. The best thing about this is that it's happened early in their "mandate" and will hopefully tarnish their already pathetic reputation right through to 2015. I'm still not convinced though that the right heads will roll over this travesty of our electoral system.

thwap said...

BC Waterboy,

Hell, I'm not sure whether harper will get away with yet another frontal assault on our democracy myself.

I'm just getting a kick out of the pants-shitting fear that his supporters are exhibiting. It would be funny if we actually managed to drag harpo down on this.

But the behaviour they're showing now, ... imagine if the dreaded "socialist" NDP did everything the Cons are doing? Imagine the paroxysms of self-righteous fury we'd have to listen to?

I can't stand these people.

Steve said...

Guy said a good op would never waste time on voter suppression, hmmm, I thought he taught the course.

thwap said...

Akin is saying there's no voter suppression mentioned in that manual.

He's also doubting the word (or the memory) of the prof who says such things were discussed quite openly.

Owen Gray said...

This scandal should destroy the Harper government's legitimacy, thwap. But remember all the heat about "socialist coalitions?"

These guys are going to go down swinging. The question is, "How much damage will they do before they hit the ground?"

thwap said...


The damage they'll do on the way down will probably be equal to the damage they did on the way up.