Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Thought on Harpercon Sense of Entitlement

Idiot right-wing trolls (is there any other kind?) occasionally resort to the Godwinist-like accusations of "Stalinism" against me because, ... um, ... well, I'm not exactly sure really. Something about saying we should enforce environmental legislation or supporting public health care causes these fools to think "totalitarianism."

Whereas their own party's calls for unlimited state spying on our internet activity, the torture of Canadian citizens, the use of tricks to thwart the will of the majority in Parliament, the use of personal medical records to smear veterans' activists, the wholesale violations of civil liberties at the Toronto G20, and etc., etc., is simply good ol' "law n' order" politics or something.

For the past week or so, I've been trying to put myself in their head-space. "How would I really act if I genuinely believed that Islamic Fundamentalists posed a real threat to Canadian society?" or "If I really thought that LRT lines = subways, and I didn't care about how I was going to finance either, what would I think about the actions of Toronto City Council?"

Lately, in response to the exposure of outright sleaze from the Conservative Party of Canada during the last election, some commentators have tried to explain it as a symptom of stephen harper's sense of mission against the formerly all-powerful Liberal Party of Canada. The same sentiments are shared by the party and the faithful: There is a vast liberal conspiracy against these God-fearing, heartland stalwarts, and sometimes you have to get down and dirty when you're battling the forces of evil.

To say this is laughable is to state the obvious. These sad buffoons haven't yet clued into the reality that invading other countries and slaughtering their inhabitants is as close to "evil" as you're likely to get. These economic and democratic cretins are the enemy and the majority of the population recognizes this. Non-Conservatives don't reject you out of partisan spite. Non-Conservatives are the majority because only a minority in any population can be the stupidest. And non-stupid people often can't help laughing at stupid people.

But consider this: The MASSIVE sense of entitlement of these whining cry-babies! Because of the realities of capitalist political culture, the Conservative Party of Canada gets to form the government every once in a while. The NDP never used to come close federally. And yet, these poor little harpercons imagine that they're so oppressed, the system is so stacked against them, that they need to make a mockery of any and all democratic practice in order to obtain their supposedly justifiable victories.

Poor darlings.

But to then have the gall to accuse Canadian democratic socialists of totalitarian tendencies! What a pathetic, revolting spectacle they make.


900ft Jesus said...

man, I've tried getting into their mind-set, but the double-think always gets me. That takes deliberate effort at self-deceit. Pointless trying to reason with them.

thwap said...

Oh, I have no intention of trying to reason with them. I'm just trying to figure out what they'll do next.

Owen Gray said...

The modern Republican Party is an example of how far conservatives have traveled from rational argument.

thwap said...


It's also evidence of what happens when these idiots are enabled and allowed to take themselves seriously.

Right now though, the stench of the harpercons is rivaling that to the Repugnicans.

karen said...

Forget it, Thwap. If your brain doesn't work that way, your brain doesn't work that way. Did you know that the average conservative person has a more active amygdala than the average liberal person? The amygdala is responsible, among other things for our emotional reactions and for dealing with fear. The average liberal has a more active anterior cingulate cortex, which among other things is responsible for empathy. Lots of other things go on in both mechanisms, but these differences appear to be fairly pronounced.

Here for instance:

I'll try to find some peer reviewed stuff in a bit. I have homework to do first.

thwap said...


In other words, it's impossible for my brain to get stuck in "harpercon mode" and condemned to an existence of confused rage?

Beijing York said...

I've known many card carrying NDP, Progressive Conservative and Liberals, some Bloc supporters, some small "C" conservatives,and some current extreme right wing Conservatives. As for the latter, there is genuine blood lust for destroying all other opposition and completely changing the course and identity of this country. It's pathological. And it's truly terrifying.

liberal supporter said...

Think like a conservative? Paranoid conspiracy theorist conservatives? Easy!
Google is to blame for robogate!

You did notice that all the blogs with captchas now demand you "prove you're not a robot" and they're engaging in comment suppression by making the captchas harder, didn't you? And it started at exactly the same time as robogate started in the news.

Clearly, foreign interests are behind this.

We now return you from the land of Conservative logic, to reality.

See? Easy. "Just put your brain on hold, do what you're told"...

thwap said...

Liberal Supporter,


I had my own reasons for doing that. Believe me.

thwap said...

Beijing York,

It's because those cretins can't handle diversity of opinions. It confuses them. And then they launch into a 250-lb, cheetos-stained version of "Hulk Smash!" as a result of their confused rage.

The world terrifies them, and they, in turn, terrify everyone else.

Unknown said...

I feel sympathy for you. All you have post after post after post is name calling and projection of your progressive psychopathology on other people that don't think the same way you do. The thing that is funny, is all you have is name calling... which means you lose... over and over and over again. Sad.

thwap said...

Hi Wayne!

I didn't know that L. Wayne Mathison was you when I pusblished your stupid comment.

But now I know, so I'm going to respond to it the way I planned to respond and then I'm going to not publish anymore comments from "Wayne" or "L. Wayne Mathison" ever again.

Fool. Did you miss the central point? Yes you did! Fuck-head!

You mewling, whining, pathetic harpercon ass-lickers descend to the depths of depravity because you believe that you're entitled to power and you think that you're otherwise oppressed, even though you get power once in a while.

We NDPr's, who are supposedly dogmatic, socialist fanatics, with inherent totalitarian impulses, do NOT stoop to the voter suppression sleaze that the harpercons do. Even though we have more call to believe we're unfairly excluded and have never come close to power federally.

Do you understand shit-for-brains?

No, of course you don't. Otherwise, I wouldn't be calling you "shit-for-brains." The whole reason you support the "Conservatives" is because you're a shit-for-brains. They're the shit-for-brains party!

Of course you can affect the tone of wounded self-pity or high-minded reasonableness in the face of my insults. I care not. If it wasn't for the fact that your blog was (and probably still is) an endless sewer of right-wing attack artists like Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh, you might be taken seriously.

Just add "hypocrisy" to the list of attributes that mark you as a useless waste of sperm.