Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awesome!!! Shitty actually.

I decided to go to "progressive" to see whether or not one specific blogger had anything new and insightful to say about the harpercon electoral fraud scandal. Instead I had to endure this:
Gordon is speaking great language for Liberals. Gordon is speaking the language of empathy, community and responsibility.
"Empathy, community and responsibility" 'eh? Impolitical is a smart woman. But you know what? The Liberal record of betrayal of "empathy, community and responsibility" is so basically obvious that I'm not even going to provide links to the rise in homelessness, wage stagnation, income inequality, and environmental failure. Impolitical displays willful ignorance of all of this. Remember the "Red Book"? Seriously? Do you remember the "Red Book"?

Bah! I was going to go through that blog entry and give it a detailed thrashing, but there's too much nonsense to deal with. I'll let this just speak for itself.
"We need to help people, right here, right now...We have to be a community. We have to help each other. We have to show Stephen Harper what true Canadian values look like. People helping people." Canadian values! Yes, progressive Liberals speaking about what Canadian values are! More please!
The "People. Planet. Profits." slogan captures well what Liberals are about. Blessedly, there's no talk of centrism here, no resort to typical tired platitudes.
What is going on here? Is it possible that someone in Canadian politics is trying to make people interested in voting again? Challenging them. Giving them something to raise their eyebrows about. Yes, by all means, more fun in our politics please! And that's not to say it's fluff. The serious messages on the environment, child care and pensions come through. But it sure helps when it's not a chore to take a look when people constantly tell you how busy they are and how they don't have time for politics. It's not the same old, same old.
And the main thing that irks me about this nonsense is that this Liberal airhead is doing nothing but challenging the NDP airhead for Jack Layton's old seat. All this lying about "empathy, community and responsibility" is just transparent nonsense intended to take the seat of one centre-left opposition party and give it to a centre-right opposition party. In the meantime, harper gets to run rampant with his fraudulently elected majority.


Omar said...

The Liberal record of betrayal of "empathy, community and responsibility" is so basically obvious..

Liberal policy and Chretien's arrogant one-man rule in the PMO set the goddamn table for these neoliberal, reformocon buffoons. Then along came their scandals and leadership infighting and it rang the goddamn dinner bell! And today Harper feasts on power because of it all. That Liberals are in denial about those realities would be laughable if it weren't so fucking sad.

thwap said...

Amen brother.

It's a tragedy about Impolitical though. She's actually an intelligent, principled individual.

But we heard all this shit with Paul Martin, with Dion, with Ignatieff.

"A new politics!" "Liberal values!" "A responsibility to those 'left behind'!"

It's all such transparent bullshit.