Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear USA: You Can Still Torture Canadians

Thanks go to pogge for sharing this article from Prism Magazine: "Secret Cable Reveals How Ottawa Colluded with Washington to Blunt Fallout From a Security Case Gone Horribly Wrong". It's based on information from Wikileaks (who might have blood on their hands says the blood-soaked Obama administration).

In the article, the incompetents from the RCMP work with the psychopaths from US intelligence to "limit the damage" from the Arar Inquiry to their ability to toss around names and groundless allegations that result in innocent Canadians being tortured in Syria.

The cable says Giuliano Zaccardelli, who was the RCMP commissioner at the time, “fears that the recommendations (of Justice O’Connor) will seek to undermine his institution’s independence and its ability to freely and proactively share information with us.”

In a meeting with the U.S. legal attaché, the diplomatic cover usually given to the senior representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Canada, Zaccardelli said that “the hostile nature of the questions put to him by the (Arar) commission leads him to believe there will be a strong move to restrict flexibility in information-sharing and the conduct of investigations.

“Law enforcement officials will simply have to adapt and develop work-arounds to allow for continued effectiveness in investigations and prosecutions. Overall, Zaccardelli believes everything can be overcome through close cooperation, but it will take a concerted effort to make it work.”

Mr. Zaccardelli “regrets that some of the proposed recommendations will make it even more cumbersome to exchange information and confirmed that the fallout from Arar has already made it more difficult to conduct joint law enforcement operations, employ U.S. informants, and monitor conversations.”

Let's just remember something here: Who are the dangerous terrorist masterminds that CSIS and the RCMP have thwarted? Besides the four innocent men tortured in Syria, and the hapless and entrapped young men and teenagers in the "Toronto 18" that is? Can you think of anyone?

These are the super-cops who infiltrated the super-secret, well-nigh impenetrable circle of villains who planned on bringing down the entire corporate state maybe breaking some windows at the Toronto G20 Summit. In that heroic operation, our intrepid security forces did gain access to the evil-doers inner circle and, with only $1 billion plus in expenses, .... er, um, ... well, .... UTTERLY FAILED to prevent the window-smashing. (Oh, but they did brutalize some random people the next day!)

Given the paucity of actual accomplishments by our boys in red serge, it seems that all the restrictions on their freedom that Zaccardelli and his successor Bill Elliot were wailing about would not have had any significant impact on anything at all.

The article points out that neither the US intelligence agents or the RCMP expressed any remorse for having sent an innocent man to be tortured. Not only do they lack that essential humanity, they don't even reflect upon its significance for their so-called "work." The terrible fact of their own uselessness never occurs to them as they double-down on their efforts to torture even more of us as a result of their paranoid insanity.

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